Helldivers 2 Players Worship a Monstrous Automaton

Helldivers 2 image of a Helldiver in front of a downed Automaton Gunship

As per the Major Order, fans are currently fighting bugs, almost exclusively. So much so that some have become nostalgic for those pesky bots. One Automaton, in particular, received lots of positive reviews from the army of Helldivers 2 players. The community sang their praises on Reddit.

An Automaton That is a Worthy Opponent

Morticus_Mortem shared: “Factory Striders are well designed and very cool to fight. Dangerous but you can destroy their weapons to make them less of a threat without instantly destroying them. They can be taken down by more weapons, such as the Laser Cannon, so you are not restricted to bringing AT weapons”. They added: “Also, they aren’t deployed in overwhelming numbers. Bile Titans are a lot more numerous and more annoying to kill. When I see a Strider, I’m actually happy. Sound design is great too”.

A Redditor, 1eyedSn1pper, said: “I definitely feel like I enjoy spreading democracy more when it’s the robots. SkyNet must be stopped!”. The OP added: “I also like them more than the bugs because while the bugs are just animals that want to expand and survive, the Automatons are an actual invading force that holds a deep hatred for us and wants to wipe us out. With the bugs, I feel like a pest exterminator. With the bots, I feel like a soldier”.
TeamFortressEngineer explained: “They’re just very interactive in general. If it’s suppressing you with its miniguns, shoot them off! The turret on top can be broken with just a little anti-tank. The faceplate is weak to medium pen but takes a ton of shots – so you can either sit back and fire at that, or you can go for the risky quick kill by rushing its underbelly, but compete with the army of Devastators it churns out”.

Helldivers 2 image of a walking Factory Strider
Image via N4G Unlocked

Helldivers 2 Fans Wish For a Blast From the Past

Surprisingly, there were no comments by bug supporters. They are probably off, liberating the planets for the MO. However, several dedicated fans mentioned some yet-to-be-seen enemies. AdOnly9012 said: “I was mostly Illuminate player in the first game with the sole reason being they don’t have armor and I didn’t like bringing anti-tank guns lol. So I’ll probably immigrate to Squid Front once they are in the game”.
Misfiring elaborated: “Once the Illuminate is live, suddenly all the light AP weapons will be top again, like the Stalwart, Base Liberator, Base Diligence, the Knight SMG from a super citizen, etc. Their high DPS is wasted on armor but against shield will be incredible”.
There are numerous theories and rumors about the arrival of Illuminate all over the internet. We can’t wait for them to arrive. But bots will have to keep us satisfied until they do. To be honest, probably some bugs, as well, we don’t mind cleaning up in the name of Super Earth. Do you have a favorite Automaton, or do you prefer the Terminids?


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