Helldivers 2 Players Have Discovered Undisclosed Details in the Latest Patch

Helldivers 2 player defending the tectonic drill

The new patch dropped on June 13 and the fans were delighted by the overwhelming amount of changes. Overall, this patch has been declared a success. No one suspected that the developers would manage to sneak in even more changes to the game without announcing them. Players enjoyed discovering the little undisclosed details of the new Helldivers 2 patch.

The New Patch Has Brought Some Exciting Details

YolStorm asked the community to share found undocumented changes in the patch. They contributed with their discoveries. This player said: “Diligence Counter Sniper and the AMRs now share new Scopes. and Gunships show up on Automaton Eradicate missions. SAM Sites actually do their job well now, had 1 rapid fire, and took out 3/4 of a bot drop”.

SaVage_ShiftzZ noted: “They cleaned up the UI/HUD. The third-person reticle is smaller now, so it looks like it buffs accuracy across the board for all weapons”. While most players approved of this change, some found it especially challenging. RestosIII shared: “I genuinely really dislike the third-person reticle change because it’s a disability issue for me. I can’t scale it to be larger and my vision is bad enough I’m getting eye strain trying to see it”.

It would be nice to see some customization for details like this. For example, several players pointed out that the mission timer was now visible only when they were looking at the map. If you are facing this problem, well, the solution is actually simple. All you have to do is change it in the Settings because that’s a detail that is customizable now.

You might have noticed some changes in the layout of the Radar Station. A player, blackr0se, explained: “The terminal is beside the wheel you need to turn, instead of having a shallow pit in the middle”. RiBombTrooper added: “Also there are Samples in the Radar Station now. I found a common one in the new radar layout. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Samples in Radar Stations before, and I was running low on time so I didn’t check to see if there were any rares”.

Helldivers 2 Tenderizer scope
Image via N4G Unlocked

Finding All Undisclosed Changes Feels Like a Helldivers 2 Treasure Hunt

Other players noticed some changes in the audio and visual. Thatguyshadow117 reported: “All metals in the game (including Helldiver armor) are extremely shiny for some reason”. Gmanthevictor explained: “It’s probably a side effect of the fog and lighting tweaks”. They added: “But the chrome bots are pretty cool, I’d love it if they end up getting different “uniforms” based on the planet”.

CommunismBots shared: “The one undocumented change I think I discovered is that the Pelican’s Front cannon sound has been changed, I think it used to sound like the normal autocannon turret, but now it sounds like it packs a punch”. Other players noticed that the Sickle sounds differently. Glitch_Lich observed: “I feel like a good couple of sounds got beefed up. The Sickle sounds more laser gunny now”.

Of course, we have to mention one big addition. A player, abb82898, noticed: “Gunships also do patrols now even when there are no Gunship fabricators on the map”. Armoric701 raved: “That’s nice. I like seeing these niche enemies intermittently, instead of 20 all at once and then no more for the rest of that map or many consecutive maps”.

As expected with a patch this big, the Helldivers 2 players will be discovering tiny undisclosed details of the new patch for the days to come. We are very excited to check them all out. Although, Gunship Patrols aren’t really at the top of our list. Have you discovered any unusual details?


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