Do You Need a PSN Account to Play Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 player holding an Autocannon in front of a bug nest

Is a PlayStation account mandatory to play Arrowhead’s popular shooter? Read this article to find out whether do you need a PSN account to play Helldivers 2 or not.

Helldivers 2 is a massively popular squad-based shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony. The game broke all records, and millions of copies have been sold worldwide, both for PlayStation and PC. You and your squad fight aliens, call in Sentries and orbital strikes, blow buildings to smithereens, all while using the best weapons Super Earth has to offer. But, after a couple of successful months, Sony said that a PlayStation Network account is mandatory in order to continue playing Helldivers 2 on PC, and it has always been like that. Naturally, this raised a lot of eyebrows. But now, when the whole situation has cooled off, this article will answer the question of do you need a PSN account to play Helldivers after all.

Helldivers 2: Is PSN Account Necessary to Play?

There have been a lot of talks concerning whether a PlayStation Network account is necessary to play Helldivers 2 or not. When Sony stated that a PSN account was mandatory for everyone to continue playing the game, the fans were in an uproar. They even made HD2 unavailable for purchase in regions where PSN is unavailable. After a tense couple of days, Sony partially revoked that request. So, in the end, do you need a PSN account to play Helldivers 2 or not? 

Helldivers 2 Pelican dropping in an Emancipator Exosuit
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You need a PSN account to play Helldivers 2 on your PlayStation 5 console, unsurprisingly. Moreover, you need a PS Plus subscription in order to play online multiplayer games on your PlayStation.

PC (Steam)

Officially, no, you do not have to have a PSN account to play Helldivers 2 on your PC via Steam. There were a lot of controversies regarding Sony and PSN accounts for PC players. But, in the end, the PlayStation Network account is not mandatory to enjoy Helldivers on your PC. We hope that it will remain that way.

However, countries that do not have access to PSN have been removed from Helldivers 2’s list of countries it is available in. That means that players from those who already bought Helldivers 2 are safe. But, those that do not have Helldivers 2 and want to get themselves a copy will be thoroughly disappointed.

In summary, you need a PSN account to play HD2 on PS5, but not for playing on PC. But, if PSN is not supported in your region, you’ll be unable to get a new copy of Helldivers 2.


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