Helldivers 2 Devs Snuck Gunship Patrols With the Patch

Helldivers 2 gunship patrol

On June 13, Helldivers were blessed with a new Warbond and a huge patch. While most of the players were just enjoying all the great details, some noticed that the developers put in a bunch of other changes. Helldivers 2 devs surprised the players with the addition of Gunship Patrols hidden in the new patch.

Gunship Patrols Became a Part of Helldivers 2

Players joked that developers delivered a Trojan horse to them. All the shiny new changes are on the outside, but on the inside the Gunship Patrols are waiting to strike. Players’ reactions were mostly positive. They stated that they hated they hated the Gunship Patrols, but in a good way.

You probably know that until now, Gunships were seldom faced around Gunship Facilities which were almost unapproachable. Now, Gunship Patrols are roaming independently, meaning there doesn’t have to be a Gunship Facility nearby.

Deus_Vult7 explained: “It’s a stealth change. I was terrified when I first saw it [the Gunship Patrol]. At least they don’t auto-track you though”. StanTheGuy2001 confirmed: “Terrified is an understatement; was in a level 8 eradicate mission without my trusty AC when they first showed… It was absolutely beautiful chaos”.

With more frequent fights against Gunships, players are now praising the Autocannon. Grouchy_Ad9315 made an observation: “Also bots now have gunships patrolling around, really cool change and made the game harder if you don’t have an Autocannon guy”. Generally speaking, having an Autocannon guy is always a good idea.

Zakumo_Yuurei suggested some other means of dealing with Gunships. They said: “Most to near all Stratagems that aren’t support weapons cannot aim for gunships by target or always missing. Auto-cannon, Laser Cannon, Recoilless Rifle, and Spear are your top picks against gunships. Anything else has a too slow rate of fire, cannot reach the gunships, or takes too many shots still (3/4 a mag from an AMR on one)”.

Helldivers 2 image of the Gunship Facility
Image via N4G Unlocked

Some Players Find the Gunship Patrols Overwhelming

As with all other changes, this one elicited mixed reactions. Some players claimed that the Gunship Patrols were too hard of an enemy. DracZ_SG noted: “I think the main issue is not the gunships themselves but rather the fact that dealing with them consistently passes on the “aggro’d” status to other patrols in the area who otherwise could have been completely bypassed without an engagement”.

Old_Gimbo added: “On top of that it’s just one more excuse for the team to just run 4 autocannons. It’s not that bots are more fun with an Autocannon, it’s that they’re constantly annoying when you don’t have one because we have no viable alternatives to all of the problems it solves”.

We see how after the initial hype over the patch players might get a bit tired of Gunship Patrols being added to Helldivers 2. On the other side, variety is a great thing to have in a game. Maybe the developers could balance them a bit more in the next patch if it turns out that their frequency is too high. To determine that the players will have to test it out. Who knows, maybe the fans will get fond of the Gunship Patrols?


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