Hades 2 How to Get Limestone

Hades 2 the first area of Oceanus

If you need some help finding this sedimentary rock in the game, we got you covered. This article explains how to get Limestone (or Lime) in Hades 2.

Hades 2 has over 30 different materials and reagents that you need in order to unlock and upgrade weapons, perform Incantations, and improve your Arcana Cards. These materials can be as mundane as Ash, Wheat, or Silver, or as exotic as Darkness, Tears, or Thalamus. One of the more mundane but still very useful materials is Limestone, so keep reading to see how to get it and how to use it in Hades 2.

How to Get Limestone in Hades 2

Limestone is a “mineable” material that you can find only in Oceanus. That is the second area of the Underworld, right after Erebus. It looks like a stack of white stone blocks.

First, remember to select the Crescent Pick as your chosen tool for the run. Then, clear out Erebus and defeat Hecate. Once you do so, the way to Oceanus will be open. Limestone, like all the other materials, has a chance to appear on every level, so it all comes down to luck. Each pile of Limestone will net you three Lime (or more, if your Pick is upgraded).

Hades 2 image of the Crescent Pick
Image via N4G Unlocked

Hades 2: How to Use Limestone

Limestone is a reagent in Hades 2, that you need for some Incantations and upgrades. Every incantation requires some materials/reagents (like Bronze, Moss, Garlic, etc) to perform, and several of them depend on Limestone. Also, you will need Lime to improve some Arcana Cards and Weapon Aspects.

Hades 2 image of Limestone from the inventory
Image via N4G Unlocked
  • Incantations
    • Unearthed Troves (5x Limestone, 1x Nightshade)
    • Kindred Keepsakes (4x Limestone, 2x Moly, 1x Lotus)
    • Gathering of Ancient Bones (2x Limestone)
    • Propensity Towards Gold (1x Limestone, 1x Fate Fabric)
    • Briny Lifespring (3x Limestone, 3x Lotus)
  • Arcana Cards
    • X – The Lovers Rank 3 (15x Limestone, 6x Moon Dust)
  • Weapon Aspects
    • Argent Skull – Aspect of Melinoe Ranks
      • Rank 2 (1x Limestone, 5x Ash)
      • Rank 3 (2x Limestone, 10x Ash)
      • Rank 4 (3x Limestone, 15x Ash)
      • Rank 5 (25x Limestone, 25x Ash)

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