Wild Hearts – Release Date, Crossplay, Early Access, and More

A giant rock fire monster from Wild Hearts screaming at a swordsman. A warrior drops from above with an umbrella to sneak attack. A third warrior stands on top of a glass box and is aiming a bow at the monster.

Wild Hearts is an action RPG from Koei Tecmo and EA in which you hunt massive monsters called Kemonos. The creatures, which were once peaceful, have turned violent, and it is up to you to tame them using technology and your skills.

What is the release date of Wild Hearts?

The release date is Feb. 172023. It is typical for games to release at 9pm PST the night before and 12am EST the day of their release. Consequently, everyone can play simultaneously, and no spoilers will be released before the release date.

Can EA Play or Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get early access to Wild Hearts?

Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play members will have access three days before the game launches. However, the game will only allow those players to play up to the gates of Minato.

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What platforms is Wild Hearts on?

The game will release to all current Gen consoles. The game is not available on last-generation consoles. For the specific list:

  • PC
    • Steam
    • Epic Games
    • Origin
    • EA App
  •  PlayStation 5
  •  Xbox Series X|S

Is there co-op or multiplayer in Wild Hearts?

A multiplayer component is included in the game. Up to three players can hunt the Kemono together across Azuma in seamless co-op.

Does Wild Hearts have crossplay support?

Crossplay is supported in-game. You can seamlessly hunt down Kemono with friends on any platform once you’ve all purchased the game.

Is Wild Hearts like Monster Hunter?

It’s easy to confuse Monster Hunter with Wild Hearts. It shares many similarities with Capcom’s Monster Hunter series but also has some differences. There are two main differences in this game: The building mechanic, and the monsters aren’t random but instead adapted to their surroundings. Various types of monsters exist, including lava monsters, earth monsters, and sea monsters, all of which make sense in their respective environments.

Wild Hearts Trailer

Below is the official trailer from the official YouTube channel.

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