Leaks Claim Huge Names Are Coming to Future Fortnite Festival Seasons

Fortnite Festival image of characters in a band playing

The players thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular Metallica concert that was put on recently. Many of them expressed a wish for more in-game concerts and that has been a hot topic ever since. Now, several leaks say that some big names from the music industry are allegedly coming to the future Seasons of the Fortnite Festival.

Some Pretty Big Names Could be Coming to Fortnite

According to Shiina, a Fortnite-leaks account on X, the players should have big dreams for the Fortnite Festival. They stated: “NEW: Both Snoop Dogg & Karol G will have concerts similar to the Metallica event!! Karol G will be added to Fortnite on August 16, Snoop Dogg on October 3!”.

Fortnite leaks claim big names will be performing during the future Festival Seasons
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One player, nol_dur, noted: “That’s good. I liked the Metallica one. It felt like there was more to the season than just some skins and some songs. Wish they would’ve done it with the previous artists also because it would’ve added more to their seasons imo. But hey you live and you learn”.

Foxy02016YT added: “In my opinion, all Festival Seasons should have a concert. Concerts have been important to the history of Fortnite, they set world records, and they introduce you to the artist’s music without you having to play it”.

Fortnite Players Share Past Experiences and Expectations for Future Festival Seasons

One of the most popular demands for the future came from InfiniteOcto. They noted: “Wish they’d put effort into them like the Travis Scott and arguably Ariana Grande’s”. BriteDrift75 added: “I don’t think we’re gonna have concerts like those two and Marshmello ever again. Moving forward it’s just gonna be Creative maps”.

Another player, FinnProtoyeen, explained how influential these concerts could be. They shared: “I went to the in-game concert for Easy Life and ended up becoming a big fan of them. The whole experience was like 21 minutes but it was fun and had interactive environments”.

Wboy2006 wished for more memorabilia. They said: “I at least hoped we’d get a Spray or something to remember the Metallica concert by. The Easy Life and Kid Laroi ones gave us a whole lobby track, and the rest of the Soundwave Series concerts at least gave us a Spray. It was a nice way to end off the concert and remember it by”.

Most of the Fortnite player base agreed they’d love for these leaks to be true and to see these big names perform during some future Festival Seasons. Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed so far, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Even if it turns out that these were only rumors, we’re sure that some other artists will get the opportunity to showcase their work.


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