Diablo 4 How to Get Distilled Fear and Summon The Beast in Ice

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Uber Bosses are the staple of Diablo 4’s endgame, for they drop powerful items and occasionally materials needed to summon other Bosses. In this article, you will see how you can get some Distilled Fear, and use it to summon The Beast in Ice Uber Boss in Diablo 4.

Uber Bosses are how player get their hands on powerful Unique and Uber Unique items. With the release of Season 4, summoning Uber Bosses has been improved and is a little easier than it was before. Moreover, some Uber Bosses require summoning materials that you can only obtain by defeating other Uber Bosses. The Beast in Ice is a boss just like that, located in the Glacial Fissure, near Kyovashad. So, let’s see how to get Distilled Fear and how to summon The Beast in Ice in Diablo 4.

How to Get Distilled Fear in Diablo 4

With the recent updates, getting Distilled Fear is as easy as can be. The best way of getting Distilled Fear is by completing Nightmare Dungeons of Tier 30 or higher on World Tier 4. Bear in mind that the drop is not guaranteed, so multiple runs may be required. On the other hand, the higher the Tier of the Nightmare Dungeon, the higher the chance of getting multiple Disstiled Fears. Your best bet is to farm the shortest Nightmare Dungeons, like Guulrahn Canals or Blind Burrows.

From Season of Loot Reborn onwards, every Elite (including Hellborne and Blood Maidens) and World Boss has a chance to drop some boss-summoning materials, Distilled Fear included.

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Diablo 4 How to Summon The Beast in Ice

To summon The Beast in Ice, you need to gather nine Disstiled Fear and 250 Sigil Powder. Then, go to The Occultist and craft a Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil, using the aforementioned materials. Use the Sigil to teleport to the Glacial Fissure dungeon and enter it. The Beast in Ice is waiting for you at the end.

You can also summon a Tormented version of The Beast in Ice. It is a way tougher fight but with better rewards. To summon the Tormented Beast in Ice, you have to craft a higher Tier Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil (Tier 96). It requires 45 Distilled Fear, 250 Sigil Powder, and three Stygian Stones.

As you’d expect, The Beast in Ice is heavy on cold-based attacks, so try to make your Cold Resistance as high as possible, by using Elixirs of Cold Resistance, for example.

The Beast in Ice Drops

The Beast in Ice is an Uber Boss, so it has a chance to drop some Uniques and a small chance to drop any Uber Unique. What is arguably more important is the fact that The Beast in Ice can drop a Pincushioned Doll, a summoning material for Andariel.

Unique Items


  • ‍Fields of Crimson
  • ‍100,000 Steps
  • ‍Ancients’ Oath
  • ‍Battle Trance
  • ‍Hellhammer
  • ‍Ring of the Ravenous


  • ‍Insatiable Fury
  • ‍Hunter’s Zenith
  • ‍Waxing Gibbous
  • ‍Storm’s Companion
  • ‍Unsung Ascetic’s Wraps


  • ‍Bloodless Scream
  • ‍Howl from Below
  • ‍Deathspeaker’s Pendant
  • ‍Ring of Mendeln
  • ‍Mutilator Plate


  • ‍Condemnation
  • ‍Word of Hakan
  • ‍Windforce
  • ‍Eaglehorn
  • ‍Beastfall Boots


  • ‍Staff of Lam Esen
  • ‍Esu’s Heirloom
  • ‍Gloves of the Illuminator
  • ‍The Oculus
  • ‍Starfall Coronet

Non-Class Specific Uniques:

  • ‍Frostburn
  • ‍Mother’s Embrace
  • ‍Fists of Fate
  • ‍Tassets of the Dawning Sky
  • ‍Paingorger’s Gauntlets
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