Can You Get Ancient Items in Diablo 4?

Promotional image of the game Diablo 4 depicting a fiery and ominous landscape of Hell, with towering mountains of bones, lava pits, and demonic structures in the distance.

The rumors, whispers, and hushed conversations about Ancient Items in Diablo 4 have had us scratching our heads in curiosity. Will they be in the game? How can you get Ancient Items in Diablo 4? In the spirit of dispelling doubts, we decided to do a deep dive and bring you the facts about these highly sought-after items.

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Are Ancient Items in Diablo 4?

The answer is, to our collective disappointment, no. Ancient items won’t be gracing the vast and dangerous landscapes of Diablo 4. It was a tough pill for us to swallow, but the news is official. Blizzard confirmed in 2019 that they are not planning on including these revered artifacts in the game. With this, our dreams of uncovering these prized possessions dissolved.

But why, we asked? The reasoning lies in the developer’s plans to elevate the status and effectiveness of Rare items, shifting our attention and tactics to what was previously overlooked. They’re also intent on adding a layer of complexity to our endgame gear choices, nudging us to take a more calculated approach.

Even though non-legendary items will not be taking center stage, perhaps the usefulness of rare items will now exceed what we once thought. But these potential changes, albeit strange to Diablo 3 players, but change is good. We could get even new buffs as well!

Blizzard has introduced a new consumable item, boasting a random Legendary affix designed to drop only in the late endgame. Is this the new item that shifts the balance away from Ancient Items?

What Are Ancient Items in Diablo 4?

Though absent in Diablo 4, it’s worth reminiscing about the Ancient weapon’s place in the Diablo universe. Ancient items were the cream of the crop, the upgraded version of basic Legendary items. Each stat rolled on a Legendary item fell within a range of values, with Ancient items offering higher possibilities.

Then there were the Ancient Primals, the crown jewels if you will. With these, luck was on your side if you could unearth one. Primal Ancient legendary items held the highest possible Ancient Legendary values for all assigned stats, making them the epitome of excellence. These Primals had to be unlocked and were very late endgame items.  These could be weapons or armor; the depth of luck needed to be summoned to find them was unparalleled. You basically need to call upon ancestral power to get one.

As we continue our journey through Diablo 4, we can’t help but miss the thrill of chasing after Ancient Items. But with change comes new opportunities and a renewed focus on Rare items. So, let’s embark on this new chapter, embracing the challenge and the unknown.

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