Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Leave Dank Crypt and Open The Ornate Door

the dark crypt with fire traps in baldur's gate 3

Dungeons are an integral part of every single-player story mode video game, and Dank Crypt is the first dungeon you find in Baldur’s Gate 3. Filled with hidden traps, bodies full of loot, and tons of other mysteries, traversing the Dank Crypt isn’t easy, and getting out alive is even harder. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a short guide to help you leave Dank Crypt unscathed.

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How to Leave Dank Crypt in BG3

In order to leave Dank Crypt, you need to get through the three zones within the dungeon; the grease-fire trap and Sarcophagus zone, the Bedchamber and Ornate door, and finally the Withers’ secret tomb room. Only if you can safely get past all these areas will you will be able to leave Dank Crypt.

Now for those wondering what these zones entail and how you can get past them, continue reading as we’ll guide you in detail. This is very important if you’re not saving scumming since some of these traps can leave your entire party dead. Other times, players can be left wandering around for hours, not knowing how to surpass a specific obstacle. So read carefully.

How to Enter the Dank Crypt

After escaping from the Mind Flayers’ Nautiloid ship, you need to travel to the Ravaged Beach. Next, you’ll need to get into the Overgrown Ruins and find the ‘Ancient Door’. If you have a lockpick, attempt a lockpick check to get through.

If you’re unable to open it, you have three other options. You can go through the Ornate Door, the Collapsing Floor, or the Wooden Hatch. Regardless of what path you pick, the rooms inside Dank Crypt remain the same.

How to Open the Sarcophagus

The first challenge is opening the Sarcophagus. While this seems utterly simple, there is a trap that can kill your entire party. On opening the sarcophagus, vents inside the room release grease after which fiery darts shoot out from both walls, igniting the grease. To avoid this you can:

  • Press a button on the pillar after the trap is triggered. This will stop the darts.
  • Block the grease vents with crates to stop the grease.
  • Use a disarm toolkit to disable the trap beforehand.

From the Sarcophagus, you receive an Engraved Key. Use this on the Heavy Oak Doors to your North. Go into the next room.

How to Open Ornate Door and Enter The Bedchamber

After defeating Gimblebock and Taman, you will find the Ornate Door which is at north of the Chapel entrance. To open the Ornate door, you can either lock pick the door or persuade Andorn to open the door for you.

When you enter the next room, there is a ton of treasure scattered around in subtle locations. This includes:

  • A Ruby Ring inside a gilded chest on the East wall.
  • A book called “On Death & Ressurection” beside the chest.
  • An opulent chest on the West with 20 Gold.
  • Another opulent chest in front of the last one with three spell scrolls.

You’ll see two doors in this chamber, one to the North and a smaller one to the West. Go through the North door.

Dialogue with Withers

After getting through the North Oak Door, loot all the corpses in the next room. Head back to the main room and perform a successful perception check to locate a hidden button. Press it and head through the passageway it opens to find another sarcophagus. Open this sarcophagus to interact with Withers, an undead that can revive dead characters for a price.

Once you have interacted with him, you can finally leave the Dank Crypt.

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