Baldur’s Gate 3 How To Get Out Of Emerald Grove and Disable Traps

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So you’ve chosen the path to save the Goblin, then you will need to know how to get out of Emerald Grove and disable the traps on your way out. We have got you covered

Venturing to Emerald Druid Grove entails an interesting cut scene and some nice action in Baldur’s Gate 3. In order to rescue the goblin, Sazza, you must calm down Arka, a Tiefling bent on killing her. All this leads to further action when you go down the tunnel and try to escape Emerald Grove. How you’re supposed to do that is what we’ll be talking about today. Here’s an easy guide to follow on how to get out of Emerald Grove with Sazza.

Not only will you be ignoring Kagha, Mol and Nettie on this route but you will be heading towards the makeshift prison in the hollow before heading down to the shattered sanctum. On top of that Wyll will disapprove the more you help the Goblins.

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How to Escape Emerald Grove

Once you free the goblin Sazza from Sazza’s Cage, head towards the back side of the cage and jump onto the ledge below. Go through the Stone Door, which will lead you inside an underground passage. Safely get through the passage to the other Stone Door and out the other side to get out of Emerald Grove once you are finished with Zevlor and are off to find the first druid Halsin.

Now, getting through the underground passage sounds simple enough, but when you enter it, you’ll find it is booby-trapped and guarded by goblins in the centre. So, let’s take a look at the traps first.

How To Disable the Underground Passage’s Traps

There are three traps in total in the form of three switches and three statues. When you deactivate a switch, it, in turn, deactivates the corresponding statue. Failure to deactivate the switches before moving your party forward can result in it doing a large amount of damage to you and your allies. These traps do a large amount of damage and will continue to hit you as long as you are in their AOE.

The easiest way to deactivate the switches is by using Mage Hand. You can navigate it through the passageway to deactivate the first two switches safely.

The second way is by sending a party member to disable the switches manually. The party member you send will take damage, but it will save the rest of your party from receiving damage. Make sure not to get too close to the goblins while deactivating the traps otherwise, you’ll trigger combat with them. Now, let’s talk about taking out the goblins.

How To Defeat the Goblins in the Underground Passage

There are a total of 4 goblins inside the passageway. You can take them out in any order you feel fit as they aren’t very important to the main quest, just an obstacle in between.

Deactivate the third and last switch before moving forward; otherwise, you’ll take unnecessary damage. You should use Lae’zel’s psionic jump to reach the platform where the third switch is located. Once all this is completed you will be in a secluded cove under the Emerald Grove.

How To Heal Findal

Findal is a halfling you’ll need to heal with a spell or a potion after the battle with the goblins. He’s hostile at first if he sees Sazza in your party. You can either commence dialogue with him to calm him down or take him out.

How To Unlock The Locked Chest

The final part of this quest is unlocking a locked chest. On the way there, you’ll find a corpse you can loot for a key. Use this key (or lockpick) to unlock the chest and loot its spoils. Head towards the Stone Door to exit Emerald Grove and take Sazza back to the Goblin Camp.

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