Wreck Some Blocks with Cute Pups

Stay back! I got Piffles, and I know how to use them!

If there's one year that needs an injection of adorable doggies and kitties, it’s 2020. Luckily, the Aussies from Hipster Whale and Mighty Game are bringing the sugary sweet Piffle to the Nintendo Switch.

If you've never heard of the puzzler from Mighty Games and Hipster Whale, it’s a mobile game that brought some fun changes to welltread genres, all with a focus on relaxing gameplay with a colorful aesthetic. Your dog, in his very silly onesie, has been taken by the evil Doc Block! Thus, it’s up to you to save the day and get him back through laidback puzzles (and maybe a few explosions along the way).

Piffle A Cat Puzzle Adventure is now available on Switch, with a launch discount

You might know the general gist: each block as a counter, and you will need to hit a block a certain amount of times to remove it from the playfield. Piffle takes a classic genre of breakout-esque puzzling and brings two additional mechanics to spice up the fun: powerups and crafting. Powerups are incredibly varied, giving you the option to know where your Piffles will bounce to bombs to blow stuff up. There’s plenty of ways to combo, and Piffle is really good at making each level bright and engaging.

Alongside the powerups is the ability to craft a bit later in the game, making cute outfits for your Piffles. Whilst they don’t have any gameplay value to the puzzles, that extra bit of customization adds to the positive vibes that Pliffle revels in. Besides, who doesn’t like making cute puppies cuter?

Piffle's port will be available on September 2nd for $19.95. If you prepurrrrrrchase Piffle, it'll be $13.96 instead! So if cute kitties chucking Piffles to save the day sounds up your alley, it might be a good time to give Piffle a shot on your Switch.

What It’s Got:

  • Overwhelming Cuteness
  • Chill Puzzling
  • Plenty of Powerups
  • Hundreds of Levels

The previous article was a sponsored post from Mighty Games and Hipster Whale for their title Piffle: A Cat Puzzle Adventure.