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The Club

- Xbox 360

The premise behind the club is simple. An organization employs or blackmails 8 individuals with superior firearms and athletic ability to perform in an extreme murder sports league. The heroes are tasked with various goals in a series of filmed gunfight events for the entertainment of the ultra rich. That's it, no real plot, just the tournament. It's really rather akin to a racing game, in...



Battlefield: Bad Company

- Xbox 360

Preston Marlowe has been a naughty boy, instead of being court marshaled he is transferred into Bad company. Landing at the base he meets Sarge Redfield along with Sweetwater and Haggard. Bad company it turns out is a place for the rejects and nutjobs. The army hopes they will all get blown to bits and hence solve the problem. Sometimes though the nutjobs actually do a good job, even if they de...



Tales Runner

- PC

Welcome Runners ======================== ============================= Tales Runner - A New Generation Of Gaming Has Arrived ======================== ============================= Tales Runner is not an MMORPG. It is an MMO Racing game. There aren’t a lot of quality games in this genre and I feel that Tales Runner will do extremely well because of its unique gameplay and features....



Army of Two

- Xbox 360

At first I thought this game was going to have little to no story whatsoever. The player is thrown into the action with little introduction. From what I had heard of the game before playing it I wasn't expecting a huge story either. I was surprised to find a rather intriguing story. The game follows the fortunes of two Soldiers Rios and Salem. At the beginning of the game they are soldiers...



Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma

- Xbox 360

The original Ninja Gaiden was my favorite game on the original Xbox. Even by todays standards the graphics still hold up very well. That was only an added bonus though. The hardcore difficulty and deep fighting system have always been the area where the series really shined. In this aspect the sequel does not disappoint. Ninja Gaiden has never really been renowned for its great story and t...



Alone in the Dark

- Xbox 360

You are dropped into the midst of the story, using one of the best gaming and indeed all kinds of narrative gimmicks. Having lost your memory. Edward is being held captive along with a priest named Theo, the baddies seem to have already achieved what they want i.e. having you both captive. The head bad guy is named Crowley, which must be a reference to Alastair Crowley, famous author of similar...



Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway

- PS3

For those who don’t know what purgatory is, it’s the supposed middle ground between heaven and hell – you’re not that good of a person to go to heaven but you’re not that bad either to deserve to go to hell. So instead, you're stuck in a half-assed place called "purgatory" (or limbo). Bro. in Arms HH is exactly like that – it’s certainly not a bad game since there are enough good...



Shattered Suns

- PC

I got this game from Walmart, and took it home to install. The key didn't work for registration, triple and quadruple checked the back of the manual - I had the key correctly entered. Once the game came up (the load time was terrible - took 20-30 seconds on an extremely high end computer), the graphics looked worse than Wing Commander. Seriously, the first space sim game I ever played had...



Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo

- PC

Parents, looking for an educational tool that will help develop cognitive tools such as pattern recognition, picture association, and others. Then Bob the Builder and the Can Do Zoo is perfect. It is entertaining and has been a great tool for my cousins. Trust me when I say, it is a great way to help promote the importance of teamwork and education to your children. Bob is a character...



Wipeout HD

- PS3

The prestigious WipEout series began on the PS1, where Sony had just started its Playstation era. It made quite some noise and wowed the crowds with excellent visuals, sound and futuristic racing gameplay. It was a real showcase for Sony's powerful gray box. The series didn't have the best showing on the PS2, but made a come back with the great PSP games- Pulse and Pure. HD is Sony Liverpo...



Tales Runner

- PC

Tales Runner is the latest title from developer Rhaon Entertainment to hit the North American market. The game’s unique concept of racing through popular favorite fairy tales (i.e. Alice and Wonderland & Jack and the Beanstalk) is sure to appeal to players of all ages. I have played TR (Tales Runner) during Close Beta and I will say that this game has lots of potential and already has...




- PS3

SingStar is the first in the series to appear on the Playstation 3. If you have played any of the previous SingStar games, you already know what you are getting yourself into. You can buy the game alone if you have mics already for $39.99 or buy the $59.99 version which comes with two mics. On a sidenote, the mics aren't wireless. SingStar on PS3 is pretty much the same as every other Sing...



Poker Smash

- Xbox 360

Im officially addicted to another xbox live arcade game. Thanks to the guys on the 1UP Yours podcast I decided to download the trial game for Poker Smash and after a few minutes of playing I instantly unlocked the full game. This game is the best "move the blocks to match things" puzzle game I've ever played. The premise is that you move these blocks that have different values...




- Xbox 360

The very first thing that struck home about Pure was that it is published by Disney of all people. You know? Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Little Mermaid - YES THAT DISNEY. A company not known for its 'XTREME' off-road adventures or equally gritty sojourns into remote deserts or wastelands. And the very fact that Disney is indeed behind this game should give you an indication as to the posit...



The Witcher

- PC

When I started playing games, and for a long time after that, I wasn’t into RPGs. But then came ‘The Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion’, which changed my opinion about RPGs. It was the first RPG that gave me some of the best gaming moments I ever had. Unfortunately, there was no RPG after that gem which gave me such satisfaction. Then came The Witcher, the RPG I didn’t play for a long while after...



Space Invaders Extreme

- Nintendo DS

Introduction: Space Invaders has been a gaming franchise that has been around nearly as long as gaming itself. With many remakes and ports of the original Space Invaders not much has changed in the series since its original release in 1978. Developer Taito knew of this problem with the series maintaining the same constant arcade like style and developed Space Invaders: Extreme. Celebrating the...



Warriors Orochi 2

- Xbox 360

Cutting down your foes with spear, sword or scythe, Warriors Orochi 2 delivers you more warriors and mayhem. New and exciting features added for more replay value will have you glued to the screen, plus a new force you can choose from is pretty sweet as well. Does this game stand up to the task of making you spend hours on end leveling up all your warriors and obtaining their weapons like the o...



Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

- PS3

I didn't have a lot of time with the first Mercs, my cousin brought it over, and it's best described as a cross between Star Wars Battlefront, Grand Theft Auto, and the most load-tastic game you can think of. that might have been just my crappy PS2, but still. Mercs 2 takes away the the crippling loads, adds in some much prettier graphics, online co-op and... that's about it. that doesn't make...



R-Type Tactics


Edge magazine recently had a bit of a go at the poor old PlayStation Portable, trumpeting the decline of third party support and lamenting the absence of a Western parallel to Capcom's system-selling Monster Hunter Freedom games. Sony wasn't about to take this lying down, of course, and before long SCEA head of hardware marketing John Koller was spilling ink over Future Publishing's servers, pr...



Infinite Undiscovery

- Xbox 360

Infinite Undiscovery is a odd one. This is a game said to contain 10 years worth of RPG concepts that could only be realized with the power of the Xbox 360. It's from Tri Ace a dev known for great games in the past however it just fell so so short of what it should have been and the reasons for this are many. We will start this review a bit different. Normally I would tell you about the g...

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