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Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

- PC

Sure, there is the obligatory memory loss, the gnomes that work underground, and the magical machine that brings back from the dead a hero upon whom the very fate of the world is resting. The groan of mediocrity and redundancy is beginning to lurch forth from my throat a mere 10 minutes in when, something rather mystical happens; Kingdoms of Amalur opens up like a giant, nerdy rpg-flower bloomi...



Tribes Ascend

- PC

*please note this game is in beta, but I believe after 3 hours of play I can give a fair impression of what the game has to offer. Having just got a chance to play in the Tribes Ascend beta, I have got to say, this game has a completely new feel to it. The Whole macro scope of the game comes down to things we have seen before. There are points to capture, there are upgrades to unlock. There...

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