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Hitman: Absolution

- Xbox 360

If you were to ever discuss the Hitman video-game series with friends who have played it or long term fans, the first thing they will most likely discuss is what they had done during a mission. They would talk in graphic detail of how they stalked their victim to a remote location and snapped his neck, while others “strategically” thought about how they removed of their target and make it look...



Zombie Driver HD

- Xbox 360

In order to grasp the sort of game Zombie Driver HD is, I must first talk about the influence the undead masses have made on the video-game world in recent years. You see, there are currently only three types of zombie games that feature frequently on the marketplace and each can easily be identified by how they are marketed. First and foremost we have the serious and more hard-hitting stor...




- PC

Music-based games that combine your music collection are not by any means a new concept, and yet, why do we keep playing them? Is it the simplicity? The challenge? The feeling? What’s so ingenious about song-generated music games is the inherently limitless replay value that comes from your music collection. The game is already personalised to suit and appeal to you, and the true uniqueness as...




- PC

The current fast-growing popularisation of competitive and e-sports-tailored games seems to be a trend which shows no signs of stopping, with the niche market of competitive gaming becoming ever more accessible through outlets such as Steam, as well as through the games themselves. The growing interest in RTS games through the “multiplayer online battle arena” or “MOBA” subgenre is a result of...



Dungeon Twister

- PS3 As a young child, simplistic board games were something of a brief distraction for me. They were never complex, they were never overly strategic and they never demanded learning large sets of rules before being able to play. Dungeon Twister is not one of these simple board games. It offers complexity, strategic play styles a...

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