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"Setting the bars high so people might as well set theirs low"



- PS4

The pitch is sacred ground in most parts of the world, and by that respect I look forward to paying my respects each year with a new iteration of FIFA. Some years, the respect is reciprocated; other years, the game simply “updates squads” and improves graphics. But while the latter is always true at its most basic degree (or so we’d hope), this year’s FIFA is special. This year, FIFA is on the...




- PS4

The last humans on distant planets have been rounded up, and await extermination. Select from one of three ships, and race to their defense. Fend off swarms of enemy ships, and prevent caged humans from being captured or annihilated. Housemarque games delivers a shooter experience that is reminiscent of both Super Stardust HD and the 1980′s arcade classic Defender. Intense side-scrolling com...

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