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Tomb Raider

- PC

So I finally beat Tomb Raider after a year of being out. And I have to say, it was a very......average game to say the least. For starters, the story was unbearably boring for me, I just wanted it to end so badly that I did a lot of speed jumping and whatnot. A very bad story that really didn't have much effort put into it, with characters that are unimportant and very uninteresting. One...



BioShock: Infinite

- PC

Finally beat Bioshock Infinite. HEAVY SPOILERS ahead, please don't read if you plan on beating the game. No seriously, stop reading. Last chance. It's starting now... Ok, so it was a pretty good game, not as amazing as everyone else seems to think, at least to me. I didn't like how it played like any ordinary shooter. The gameplay itself was REALLY smooth and fluid (PC version howev...



Mass Effect

- Xbox 360

Throughout this writing I will do my best to keep the spoilers to a minimum, and if there are any, they will be minor ones. I bought my very first Xbox 360 in September 2010. I got the Halo: Reach bundle because I loved the design of the console, and the color. While I was excited for Reach, it wasn't my most anticipated game. I knew sometime down the road, I would have to buy the many games...

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