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One of the two guys that runs Gameinsight Productions. Our content is featured on WikiGameGuides, and includes: The Com-cast is a biweekly podcast featured on the WikiGameGuides homepage. Running an average of 90 minutes, Alex and Simon (with the occasional guest) sit down and analyze the biggest, though not necessarily the latest, stories and issues that involve or affect the gaming world at large in a fun, conversational way. As a community podcast we thrive on feedback and suggestions, whether related to topics previously discussed or not. The newest project, The Weekend Short-Takes, is our response to calls for more "as it happens" news reporting. However, it is not just a laundry list weekly report. Instead, we take several of the week’s top stories and have an in-depth look at them, carefully sorting through the potential ramifications on the industry and gamers alike in a short and digestible manner.