this is why I have only 1 bubble


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Gaming setup. 55 Inch LED 1080p Television. XBox 360s 250 gig HDD with Kinect. Red 25th anniversary Mario Edition Wii. Backwards compatible PS3 80 Gig HDD. Turtle Beach X4's headset. Current favorite games. 1.Alan Wake 2.BulletStorm 3.Dragon Age 2 4.Forza 3 5.Mass Effect 2 6.Call Of Duty Black Ops 7.Little Big Planet 8.Kinect Sports 9.Halo Reach 10.Metro 2033 Games I'm most looking forward to in 2011. 1.Gears Of War 3 2.Forza 4 3.The Witcher 2 (Xbox 360) 4.Halo CE Anniversary 5.Skyrim 6.Batman Arkham City 7.Modern Warfare 3 8.Rise Of Nightmares 9.Gunstringer 10.Rage