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No idea. Don't play it online.


Not sure what else there is to say about me, except, well, I love games. Period. Talking about them, debating them, but most of all, just sittin' back and playing them. Now, when I say debate, I of course mean intelligently. Don't come at me with any of your fanboy crap, as that is a fast way to just get ignored. I have all 3 of the current gen systems. They are all unique and great in their own way. I pledge no loyalty to any said console. I love meeting and making new friends to talk to about games. I love all types of games, though RPG's are my favorite. But I also love shooters, action/adventure, and occasionally a good racer, but I HATE puzzle games. So, if you feel inclined, don't hesitate to add me. I'm sure we'll have some great conversations. :)