Have DLC codes for Infamous 2, KZ3, and GT5! PM if you want one.


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Hi I'm JVIDICAN. A avid gamer, long time forum dweller, and skilled Image editor. I game primarily on PlayStation 3, and occasionally on PC as well. My favorite genres include RPG's, puzzlers, action/adventure, and 'select' FPS's(Not much of a CoD fan :P).My perosanl favorite franchises include the likes of Uncharted, Fallout, Demon's Souls, Final Fantasy, and Persona. Though I generally prefer Single player to multi-player, I do game online. My ID for both PSN and Steam is JVIDICAN. Hit me up sometime!:) In addition to gaming I'm also a full time student and work two jobs. If you ever want to chat, or even just request a photoshop send a PM or visit the N4G forums.