I haven't played anything in a while, Selling my house. But I'll be back, Like the Terminator said!


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Plays anything and everything. except sports games... sorry. Original Picture on my profile (Me)- I hand drew it and colored using the WiiU Art-academy app (have many more). Was going to get an XBOX ONE for Titanfall...well i got a next gen pc GPU GTX 780 3GB coupled with 16 to 24GB RAM and a intel i7 Extreme processor 4.2Gz. I think it'll be safe to say I won't be playing TF below 1080P 80FPS. Thinking of getting a 2nd GTX780. I think a 500GB or 1TB SSDx12 speed for holidays 2015. I am a Mass Effect fan. I love MMOs,Action coop based games and more.