No more poison, killing my emotion, I will not be frozen, Dancing is my remedy, remedy"
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-I am a gamer. -I am one of a kind (MtF). -I am looking forward to playing Guild Wars 2. I am a fangirl of games, but I do not argue with people who have their own opinion of what they enjoy playing. -I love my music. I pick and choose the music I listen to but will listen to almost anything, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it :P -I love being social. I hate people who seem to always want to be a prick with everything that they say. I understand trash talk, but there is a point to where it's just annoying and abusive and a reason I try to search for people that aren't ALL about doing that. People who are respectful, mature, helpful and bright are always more fun to play with :) just don't be a 24/7 a-hole.