Sigh Demon souls is no joke hard as hell need a break from it before I break my controller
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People on N4G says that I act too Macho and Stuck up. In reality I'm neither of those 2 things people describe me as. I'm myself and I act as how I am. I don't mean to come off "Macho" thats just my personality. You show me respect and I will show you respect. You disrespect me then you will get the same treatment simple as that. N4G helped me grow up and seeing thats its pointless to favor one console and put down another. Every platform is unique in its own way. Anyway if you wanna add me on the PSN my ID is Lt-Colonel-Snake. Right now the following games I'm playing is FF13 Little Big Planet Uncharted 2 Transformers WFC Demon Souls A lot of people ask me to get on Killzone 2. Right now I won't be playing Killzone 2 at all I'm focused on getting my trophies since I been slacking in that department.