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I am a pretty old hand at this. My first console was a TI99/4a I got for Christmas when I was about four. The games were generally Atari knockoffs (Munch-Man, TI Invaders... you get the idea), but I was hooked from day one. I do not have a favorite console, because I focus on the games I like - not what system it plays on. I have always felt that a good game is a good game regardless of whatever I wound up playing it on my SNES or Sega Genesis. Having studied journalism in college, the melding of video games and writing have turned out to be a natural combination for me and I have been using the online moniker of Chalgyr since the 90's. Hence: Chalgyr's Game Room. Where it's all about the games. You can find me on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam under Chalgyr. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with questions about the site.