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5 things to expect from GTA V

1524 days 13 hours ago - Grand Theft Auto,A name that took gaming to a whole new level. Its back,and its bigger than ever. I am talking about the newest installment in the... | Opinion piece | PC


15 game sequels to look forward in 2012

1525 days 3 hours ago - The year 2012 is going to be a big year for sequels,as many of them have been long awaited and eagerly anticipated. | Article | PC


5 Best Arcade Games Ever Made

1527 days 14 hours ago - The arcade game is a coin operated entertainment machine installed in public areas such as parks, shops and other areas like that. Now, the Questio... | Article | Arcade


3 Top Role Playing Games famous for Explicity

1528 days 16 hours ago - How many of you Gamers have played games having explicit scenes.No?Well,We’ll show you the best RPG games having explicit scenes. Mostly, game dev... | Article | PC


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

10 Amazing Games to Buy This Christmas

1528 days 17 hours ago - What a year 2011 proved to be for the Gaming Industry! Uncharted 3,Arkham City,Skyrim and so many amazing games. I literally ran out of money,buyin... | Article | PC


Downfall of the " Need for Speed "

1529 days 7 hours ago - There is a huge competition in the gaming market.Every developer tries its best to develop a complete and unique game that is liked by the users wo... | Article | PC


Assassin’s Creed:

1531 days 10 hours ago - Assassin’s Creed: Revelations puts you in a beautifully re-created world of Constantinople. Players once again, assume the role of Ezio Audtiore, t... | Review | Xbox 360



1533 days 15 hours ago - Many games are famous for their art or their sound or the gameplay and so on and so forth. Few developers are successful in creating a beautiful am... | Review | PC


The Last Bounty Hunter

1533 days 16 hours ago - check this gameplay most people dont know about this game...... | News | Wii


Skyrim mod for low end PC users

1534 days 12 hours ago - If you have an old PC that can’t run Elder Scroll V:Skyrim at all now you have an option as some developers have released a mod that will lower the... | News | PC


Battlefield 3

1534 days 18 hours ago - When it comes to practical battlefield, no body does it better then Battlefield franchise. The series has a long account of creating straggling war... | Review | PC



1534 days 18 hours ago - In Driver: San Francisco, you are in the mind of series protagonist John Tanner, who was involved in a brutal crash while chasing a criminal, and i... | Review | PC


Saints Row: The Third

1535 days 15 hours ago - Saints Row: The Third won’t strike you with beautiful graphics, drive you with engrossing story or occupy you with intriguing combat. What it does,... | Review | PC


Batman Arkham City Out on PC with Robin Bundle pack

1536 days 19 hours ago - Finally Batman Arkham City is released on PC after several delays,Arkham city is released and digitally available on Origins,Steam,Onlive and Games... | News | PC


The Witcher 2

1537 days ago - The Witcher 2 is a unique and an amazing game which you definitely like if you are a true “Role Playing” fan.The Game offers amazing gameplay and g... | Review | PC


AMD Radeon HD

1537 days ago - AMD announce their best mid-range graphic card in market to compete with Nvidia GTS 450 and its name is AMD 6790.One of the best graphic card under... | Review | Tech


Deus Ex : Human

1537 days 1 hour ago - Deus Ex : Human Revolution is a first person shooter/espionage/stealth/role-playing game which gives you an option to play with different styles, l... | Review | PC


Sonic Generations

1538 days 3 hours ago - This year Sonic the Hedgehog series reached a tremendous achievement by completing 20 years in the gaming industry.Over these years it has gone fro... | Review | PC


Batman Arkham City

1538 days 16 hours ago - Batman Arkham City is a greatly improved sequel of the multi-award winning game Batman Arkham Asylum.Where our hero Batman beats the hell out of t... | Review | PC


The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

1538 days 16 hours ago - The game takes you back to the continent of Tamriel, where you get to explore the northern kingdom known as Skyrim, home of the Nord race. These a... | Review | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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