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"" Black ops 2 single player review

1190 days 17 hours ago - It is reasonably hip to be constipated and critical to any Call of Duty games, they sell automatically, and get away with uninspired war stories an... | Review | PC

200° Diablo 3 review

1365 days 15 hours ago - I have never followed a game through the development time more closely than Diablo III. After it was first shown in 2008, our paths crossed several... | Review | PC


Max Payne Review | Gamereactor Norway

1365 days 18 hours ago - Max Payne series was created by Finnish Remedy Entertainment. When it was announced that Rockstar Games would take over the development, set severa... | Review | PC


Diablo 3 Review |

1366 days 2 hours ago - When it goes over ten years between the two games in a series, one expects that something must have happened during the ten years. The fact that a... | Review | PC


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