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GTPlanet’s GT6 Track Database: Find, Download, & Share Custom Tracks

3 days 18 hours ago - GTPlanet has made a way for Gran Turismo 6 players to track down and acquire shared created tracks by other users directly. | News | PS3


GT6 Update Details (1.21)

9 days 21 hours ago - Course Maker, finally comes to Gran Turismo 6, among other fixes such as no penalties in Free Run. | News | PS3


Gran Turismo 6 Course Maker: First Screenshots & Full Details

10 days 9 hours ago - GTPlanet reveals exclusive first details on GT6's new Course Maker, expected to appear in the upcoming September 30th update. | News | PS3


Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Show Car Revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

24 days 4 hours ago - Bugatti has fully pulled back the curtain on details pertaining to their VGT concept for GT6 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. | News | PS3


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo Revealed

24 days 16 hours ago - Hyundai has finally unveiled their 200,000rpm monster concept for GT6 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. | News | PS3


Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo Additional Teaser Released

30 days 19 hours ago - A couple more teasers for Hyundai's concept VGT for GT6 have been release, preparing for a full unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show. | Screenshot | PS3


Bugatti to Showcase a Full-scale Show Car of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo at Frankfurt Motor Show

35 days 20 hours ago - Bugatti have finally unveiled the full version of their upcoming VGT car for GT6, and intend to have a full scale model at the upcoming German auto... | Screenshot | PS3


Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo Teaser Revealed

44 days 20 hours ago - Teaser pics of Hyundai's VGT concept have just been released. | Screenshot | PS3


Bugatti’s Vision GT Project Noses Into View With New Teasers

45 days 2 hours ago - A couple of new teases from Bugatti's twitter on their new VGT concept vehicle. | Screenshot | PS3


Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Teaser Revealed

51 days 16 hours ago - Bugatti has announced their collaboration with Polyphony Digital for GT6, with a full unveiling of their concept vehicle due for Frankfurt's Intern... | News | PS3


Is Bugatti About to Enter the Vision GT Project?

53 days 3 hours ago - Apparent hints from Bugatti about something Gran Turismo related are sneaking in during this years Concours D'Elegance at Pebble Beach. | Rumor | PS3


GT6 Update Details (1.20)

106 days 6 hours ago - Updates to the Goodwood Hillclimb and Mazda LM55 VGT, the SRT Vision Gran Turismo and deliveries of the GT Academy prize cars to the dealership awa... | News | PS3


Understanding Sony's Role in Shenmue 3

110 days 1 hour ago - The Escapist sheds important light on why the recent controversy involving the Shenmue III Kickstarter has become overblown. | News | PC


SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo revealed for GT6

128 days 20 hours ago - The full reveal for SRT's VGT concept is upon us with a "spy shot" of a camo'd version at Nürburgring. | News | PS3


GT6 Update Details (1.19)

131 days 4 hours ago - Two new cars are added, plus more tweaks are made in the latest Gran Turismo 6 update. | News | PS3


SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo Teaser Released

133 days ago - Another VGT concept has just been teased, likely to either join the Peugeot VGT and GT-R LM NISMO in the June 1st GT6 update or be in a later update. | News | PS3


Nissan GT-R LM Coming to Gran Turismo 6 on June 2nd

141 days 19 hours ago - Hot off the heels of receiving the Nissan Zytek Z11SN Greaves Motorsport '13 at round 3 of GT Academy, we now have official confirmation of Nissan'... | News | PS3


PEUGEOT Vision Gran Turismo Revealed

156 days 2 hours ago - The rumored GT6 concept car has finally been unveiled to be available in a near-future update. | News | PS3


Peugeot Tease Vision Gran Turismo Concept Car

161 days 1 hour ago - A recent video and leaked concept art lead to a possible new upcoming car for Gran Turismo 6. | Rumor | PS3


Greaves Motorsport LMP2 Coming to GT6 for GT Academy 2015

175 days 18 hours ago - Some clever individuals have uncovered a new vehicle in Gran Turismo 6 to be available to tear pavement up with in the coming months. | News | PS3


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post
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