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TheParanoidGamer: Skyrim Impressions

1201 days 2 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Oblivion was the shining gem at the start of this generation. Not only did it showcase incredibly visuals for its time, b... | Preview | PC


TheParanoidGamer: RAGE Hands-on

1204 days 1 hour ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Last year we were ranting and raving about RAGE, a hauntingly beautiful shooter from the minds of Doom. Thankfully, this... | Preview | PC


PS3Vault Review: Brink

1204 days 11 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "Brink is a futuristic shooter developed by Splash Damage, who have previously been involved in creating multiplayer content for i... | Review | PC


PS3Vault: Hands-on with PlayStation Vita

1205 days 7 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "During Sony’s E3 Press Conference they announced the official successor to the PlayStation Portable: PlayStation Vita. I was eage... | Preview | PS Vita



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PS3Vault Review: inFAMOUS 2

1205 days 10 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "When Sucker Punch said they wanted to strive for quality similar to Uncharted 2 I knew it would be a tall order, and to be honest... | Review | PS3


TheParanoidGamer: Prey 2 Impressions

1206 days 5 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "By far the most impressive title we saw at this year’s E3 was Prey 2. At Bethesda’s booth we had an opportunity to view a... | Preview | PC


PS3Vault: Dark Souls Hands-on

1206 days 10 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "It would be a mild understatement to say I was a fan of From Software’s critically acclaimed RPG Demon’s Souls. While From Softwa... | Preview | Xbox 360


PS3Vault: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hands-on

1208 days 1 hour ago - PS3Vault writes: "Human Revolution, and thankfully Square Enix provided a playable demo across several booths. Hit the break to view our initial im... | Preview | PC


PS3Vault: Lord of the Rings: War in the North Hands-on

1208 days 1 hour ago - PS3Vault writes: "It has been a while since we’ve got a decent Lord of the Rings title, and so I was just a little excited to dive into a cooperati... | Preview | PC


TheParanoidGamer: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Impressions

1208 days 1 hour ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "In a lot of ways Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning reminds me of Batman: Arkham Asylum. It looks exceptional despite being pr... | Preview | PC


PS3Vault E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Predictions

1217 days 9 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "Sony’s E3 2011 Press Conference is less then a week away and we here at PS3Vault wanted to provide a list of predictions. Hit the... | Article | PS3


TheParanoidGamer: E3 2011 Show Floor Coverage

1219 days 2 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "E3 2011 is only a week away and we wanted to take the chance to let you know how we will be covering the event. Below you... | Article | PC


TheParanoidGamer: 5 Possible Suprise E3 Announcements From Sony (PS3)

1219 days 6 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "E3 2011 is nearly here, and everyone is speculating on what the big three are going to announce. Over the course of this... | Article | PS3


PS3Vault Review: Dirt 3

1219 days 22 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "I love to get DiRTy. I understand that sentence reads like the introduction to a poorly-proofed online dating profile, but it’s a... | Review | PC


TheParanoidGamer: NGP named Vita? A list of better fits

1220 days ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Several sources have claimed that the previously announced Next Generation Portable has been officially named Vita. We h... | Article | PS3


PS3Vault Review: MotorStorm: Apocalypse

1224 days 8 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "The MotorStorm series has been widely enjoyed by PlayStation 3 fans around the globe, and MotorStorm: Apocalypse marks the latest... | Review | PS3


TheParanoidGamer: E3 2011: Top 15 Most Anticipated

1224 days 9 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "E3 2011, the premier tradeshow for gaming is almost here, and we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight our most an... | Article | PC


PS3Vault Review: Operation Flashpoint: Red River

1226 days 13 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "There’s one chief reason why Activision’s Call of Duty franchise is as popular as global sales figures illustrate: the “I’m a bad... | Review | PC


TheParanoidGamer Review: L.A. Noire

1232 days 8 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "After a long development cycle and rumors of cancellation; L.A. Noire is finally upon us. Developed by Team Bondi and pu... | Review | Xbox 360


TheParanoidGamer Review: Socom 4: U.S. Navy Seals

1233 days 8 hours ago - Socom: 4 U.S. Navy Seals is the latest and arguably most divided iteration in the series. Several longtime fans have complained that it’s a move aw... | Review | PS3


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