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TheParanoidGamer: How Nintendo can win the Next Generation

1533 days 4 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Sales wise, Nintendo has dominated this generation of consoles. No competitor sold anywhere near as many systems as Ninte... | Article | Wii


TheParanoidGamer: 10 Years of Xbox: Part 2 – The Present

1542 days 21 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "On November 22nd, 2005, Microsoft’s new console would be released a year ahead of the competition. This turned out to be... | Article | Xbox 360


TheParanoidGamer: 10 Years of Xbox: Part 3 - The Future

1542 days 22 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "What’s in store for Xbox and what, in this journalist’s humble opinion, needs to be done to ensure that they stay on top... | Article | Xbox 360


TheParanoidGamer: 10 Years of Xbox - Part I: The Past

1544 days 12 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "On Xbox's 10 Year Anniversary we take a look back into the past and a glimpse into the future for Microsoft's little blac... | Article | Xbox


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TheParanoidGamer Review: Hydrophobia Prophecy (PSN)

1548 days 6 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Does Hydrophobia perform better on the PSN since being cleaned up, or does this title drown under its own ambition?" | Review | PS3


TheParanoidGamer Review: Lord of the Rings: War in the North

1549 days 9 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "When Lord of the Rings: War in the North was first announced it sounded extremely promising. Deep down, I’ve been waiting... | Review | PC


PS3Vault Review: Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

1553 days 10 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "Creating a faithful rendition of a title that is regarded in the gaming industry as one of the greatest of all-time is no easy ta... | Review | Xbox 360


PS3Vault Review: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

1557 days 2 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "Spyro has always been and forever will be one of those iconic characters that helped propel the gaming industry to what it is tod... | Review | Xbox 360


TheParanoidGamer Review: Tropico 4

1563 days 10 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Greetings El Presidente! I’ve managed to pull myself away for a few minutes from Kalypso’s latest Latin Dictator-Sim, sal... | Review | Xbox 360


PS3Vault Review: Spider-Man: Edge of Time

1563 days 19 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "Coming off of the success of Shattered Dimensions, does Beenox deliver a Spider-Man title for the ages, or does it amount to noth... | Review | Xbox 360


TheParanoidGamer Review: Dungeon Defenders

1565 days 8 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Normally I’d start off this review with some clever question remarking on how good Dungeon Defenders might be; however th... | Review | PC


TheParanoidGamer Review: Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

1566 days ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Gust has seen a great deal of success with the Atelier series throughout the years. 2009 saw the coming of Atelier Rorona... | Review | PS3


Long Live RPGs

1571 days 9 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Traditional RPGs are becoming a rare and seemingly dying breed. Are we looking at the end of a roleplaying era and if so... | Article | Xbox 360


TheParanoidGamer Review: Rochard

1579 days 2 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Sometimes the unlikeliest of heroes make for the most interesting games.: | Review | PS3


PS3Vault Review: X-Men: Destiny

1586 days 9 hours ago - PS3Vault writes: "Activision and Silicon Knights have come together to offer X-Men: Destiny, a brawler with light RPG elements, and the element of... | Review | Xbox 360


TheParanoidGamer: EuroGamer Expo: Super Mario 3D Land Impressions

1595 days 21 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "I was recently lucky enough to spend a few minutes in the company of an old friend, and his latest adventure…" | Preview | 3DS


TheParanoidGamer: EuroGamer Expo: Mario Kart 7 Impressions

1596 days 4 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "If there was one game I was looking forward to the most at EuroGamer Expo, it would have been Mario Kart 7. I’ve always b... | Preview | 3DS


TheParanoidGamer Preview: Path Of Exile Beta

1596 days 20 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "Path Of Exile is an upcoming free-to-play action RPG from Grinding Gear Games that will give Diablo lovers a breath of fr... | Preview | PC


TheParanoidGamer Review: White Knight Chronicles II

1597 days 4 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "The original White Knight Chronicles was met with relatively poor reception. With tons of additional content and a remast... | Review | PS3


TheParanoidGamer: Improving The PSN

1608 days 10 hours ago - TheParanoidGamer writes: "It’s often easy to forget just how far the PS3 has come since its launch back in late 2006. Not only are there better and... | Article | PS3


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

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