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What Will Happen to the Saints Row Franchise?

788 days 13 hours ago - GamerFitNation: Now that THQ Inc. has sold off all of its properties, what is going to happen to the franchise that we love the most, Saints Row? T... | Opinion piece | PC


Old School Meets New School With the Retro Duo

795 days 14 hours ago - GamerFitNation: In south hall at CES 2013, it seemed to be a hub for health and video games. What better location for GamerFitNation to hang out in... | Interview | Tech


MLB13 The Show Interview New Features and Cross Platform Home Run Derby

796 days 11 hours ago - GamerFitNation: MLB13 The Show is not even out yet and the information just keeps pouring in. In this interview that we conducted at the Sony Booth... | Interview | PS3


AfterShokz Open Ear Headphones Interview Gaming Edition Launching Soon

797 days 1 hour ago - GamerFitNation: AfterShokz is a company that is doing some major things right now. Their newest product that they have releasing, was nominated for... | Interview | Tech


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Razer Edge Tablet Interview First PC Gaming Dedicated Tablet

797 days 1 hour ago - GamerFitNation: While at CES 2013 we strolled on in to the Razer booth and found a tablet dedicated device that was made specifically for PC gaming... | Interview | PC


CES 2013 Plantronics Gamecom Commander Headset Interview

798 days ago - GamerFitNation: CES 2013 as you imagine was full of new headphones and headset announcements. One specific pair of Headsets that caught my eye was... | Interview | PC


Dance Dance Revolution In Schools Allows Up to 48 Kids to Exercise At One Time

798 days 12 hours ago - GamerFitNation: "Dance Dance Revolution better know as DDR to all the cool kids out there is teaming up of with United HealthCare. How are they tea... | Video | Culture


Big Screen TVs vs. Small Screen TVs

798 days 13 hours ago - GamerFitNation: "With more and more high definition TV’s on the market, gamers can choose between playing on a larger TV, or playing on something s... | Article | Xbox 360


Crystal Dynamics and Edios Trash Talk One Another

799 days 13 hours ago - GamerFitNation: CES 2013 is not all about the latest in high tech gadgets or new health technology. It is also about some of the hottest and latest... | Interview | PC


CES 2013 HP Interview New 27 Inch Beats Envy Screen Looks Great For PC Gaming

800 days 15 hours ago - GamerFitNation: CES 2013 is home to all of the latest and greatest technology events in a week’s time frame. Events ranging from stellar concerts,... | Interview | PC


Clowning Around With Bryce Harper on MLB 13 The Show At CES 2013

801 days 12 hours ago - GamerFitNation: If you live in the Washington DC area and are an avid MLB baseball fan, you already know who Bryce Harper is. Those of you who don’... | Interview | PS3


Xzibit Interview At CES 2013 “Trinidad James VS Justin Bieber” In New Def Jam Game?

802 days 15 hours ago - GamerFitNation's Antwand Pearman also known as Blackbible interviews Xzibit at CES 2013. This year at International CES 2013 it seems the recurring... | Interview | Xbox 360


Interview with Halo Infinity Actor Derek Mears

804 days 1 hour ago - GamerFitNation interviews Derek Mears from Halo Infinity. "Derek Mears is a Hollywood actor who does a lot of different things. His interests range... | Interview | Xbox 360


Common Mechanics in First Person Shooter

805 days 16 hours ago - GamerFitNation: Most first person shooter games are now integrating several common things into the games. The common features are game play mechani... | Article | Xbox 360


GamerFitNation: Karaoke Review (XBLA)

827 days 7 hours ago - GamerFitNation: Karaoke for the Xbox Live Arcade is a party game that is trying to fill a hole in the video game market. Any game that has any sor... | Review | Xbox 360


Skipping a Cut Scene

827 days 12 hours ago - GamerFitNation: A cut scene is one of the ways the story of the game is told. However when you have played through a game once and already know th... | Article | Xbox 360


Getting a Girl into Gaming

830 days 2 hours ago - GamerFitNation: The holiday season is a time of celebration, and a time for family. During this time guys will try and get their girlfriends into g... | Article | Xbox 360


Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect Review

842 days 8 hours ago - GamerFitNation: Red Bull not only gives you wings, but also brings gamers closer to the sport of Ice Cross Down Hill with Red Bull Crashed Ice Kine... | Review | Xbox 360


GamerFitNation: Sports Champions 2 Review

842 days 21 hours ago - GamerFitNation: On deck today we have the sequel to the one of the best PlayStation Move titles, Sports Champions 2. Many of you who own a move con... | Review | PS3


Bringing the Old, Back into the New

844 days 4 hours ago - GamerFitNation: The video game community often demands that old content be redone so that it can be played in the new iteration of whatever that ga... | Article | Xbox 360


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at Releases.com to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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