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Project Zomboid Team Sets Sights On Q1/2015 Release

118 days 8 hours ago - Today the team talks about the road forward to their 1.0 launch, the addition of a new developer, and what to expect in the next few months. While... | News | PC


DayZ 2015 Development Roadmap, Price Increase

123 days 11 hours ago - In a recent post to the DayZ Steam Store page, Developer Hicks made public the team’s plans moving forward after their first year of Early Access d... | News | PC


LA Game Space Launches Experimental Game Pack Fundraiser

558 days 11 hours ago - LA Game Space, a non-profit center for videogame art, design, and research has launched a new fundraising game pack featuring over 30 new games by... | News | PC


Double Dragon Creator Joins River City Ransom: Underground Team

559 days 8 hours ago - In their latest Kickstarter campaign update, the Conatus Creative team announced that Yoshihisa Kishimoto (Renegade and Double Dragon) has agreed t... | News | PC


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

New GW2 Queen’s Jubilee Icons Datamined

605 days 10 hours ago - Earlier this week ArenaNet announced the upcoming GuildWars 2 Queen’s Jubilee event that’s set to hit servers August 5th. Until then, enjoy droolin... | News | PC


New GuildWars2 Armor and Weapon Skins Data Mined

623 days 8 hours ago - Once again the RaidWarning.com crew have stumbled upon an impressive amount of new GuildWars2 icons for armor, weapons and election propaganda. The... | News | PC


Talking Transistor: An Interview With SuperGiant's Greg Kasavin

728 days 9 hours ago - RaidWarning's Jacob Wood gets some time with Transistor and a chance to speak with SuperGiant's Creative Director Greg Kasavin at PAX East . | Video | PC


MMORTS: A Dying Breed In 2013?

765 days 10 hours ago - Everywhere you look you see titles in this genre dying... Could 2013 being the year they’re slated to disappear? | Opinion piece | PC


Planetside 2 To Merge Servers

767 days 5 hours ago - John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, mention via Twitter that those playing Planetside 2 may soon find new teammates after an upco... | News | PC


DayZ Standalone Moves Into Limited Testing, Issues Keys

769 days 13 hours ago - Earlier today Dean “Rocket” Hall, the man/myth/legend behind the development of the standalone version of DayZ, announced via Twitter that the proj... | News | PC


Gas Powered Games Pulls Plug On Wildman Kickstarter

776 days 10 hours ago - With it’s Kickstarter campaign sitting at 45% with just over 4 days to go, Wildman creators Gas Powered Games pulls the plug on the project in an e... | News | PC


What To Expect In The Neverwinter Online Beta Weekend

781 days 4 hours ago - For those of you eager to see how the game is coming along, this is what you can expect to see from Cryptic throughout the weekend (including a sne... | News | PC


Activision Takes On North Korean Propaganda Video

781 days 14 hours ago - Protecting intellectual property on the internet can easily be a full time job filled with battles fought in the grey areas of copyright laws; rare... | Article | PC


DayZ Standalone Moves One Step Closer To Launch As Steam Page Appears

784 days 10 hours ago - On the back of today’s news around a Halo 3 Steam page being found, another little gem popped up… a DayZ standalone community page. While this n... | News | PC


Planetside 2 Gets Deadly With Game Update 2, Plus Performance Fixes

785 days 5 hours ago - Earlier today the long awaited (and quite massive) Game Update 2 for Planetside 2 was unleashed up on the masses. With it, a whole slew of vehicle... | News | PC


DayZ Video Short May Be Best Zombie Film You See All Year

789 days 2 hours ago - Corridor Digital’s After DayZ is done with an amazing attention to detail, fully understanding where the fine line between too much and too cheesy... | Article | PC


GuildWars 2 Wintersday: Snowball Mayhem Guide

835 days 7 hours ago - GW2's latest holiday content features the Snowball Mayhem event, a CTF-style snowball fight for all to enjoy. Check out this guide for tips, tricks... | Article | PC


GuildWars 2 Wintersday: Bell Choir Guide

835 days 7 hours ago - GW2's holiday Guitar Hero style content, the Bell Choir event. Check out this guide for tips, tricks, and strategies for the content release. | Article | PC


GuildWars 2 Wintersday: Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle Walkthrough

835 days 17 hours ago - A stage by stage walkthrough of GW2's notoriously difficult holiday jumping puzzles. Check out this guide for a list of tips on how to survive Wint... | Article | PC


GuildWars 2 Halloween: Mad King Thorn Boss Fight Encounter Guide, Tips and Tricks

881 days 22 hours ago - This year’s Halloween event includes an encounter with the well-known jokester, the former ruler of Kryta, the completely insane, Mad King Thorn. F... | Article | PC


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