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Assassin's Creed Unity Free Roam Video

58 days 1 hour ago - Ubisoft just recently had a closed Beta test of Assassin's Creed Unity, and there's been a ton of leaked info and screenshots and video posted on t... | Video | PC


Assassin's Creed Unity Rift Mission Gameplay

58 days 18 hours ago - There seems to be some footage of an unannounced mission type called Rift from the upcoming game Assassin's Creed Unity. The player has to roam aro... | Video | PC


Halo: The Master Chief Collection Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

127 days ago - According to the GameStop listing for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, gamers are going to be treated to a special pre-order bonus skull that wil... | News | Xbox One


Best of E3 Awards "EA"

130 days 17 hours ago - The second showcase during Day 1 of E3 was Electronic Arts. Most gamers call them by their shorter name "EA" and have been using that symbol for th... | Opinion piece | E3


Start Making Games for the PS4

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Best of E3 Awards "Xbox"

131 days 5 hours ago - It's time again to take a look at all the special E3 announcements that gave us a feeling that we all look forward to when that special game gets i... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Enemy Front Review | FanBoyFeed

132 days 7 hours ago - Enemy Front brings World War II devotees a gripping FPS experience with advanced visuals and a richly interactive combat sandbox gameplay experienc... | Review | PC


Splatoon is the Best Original Game on the Wii U Shown at E3

133 days 6 hours ago - During the Nintendo Direct presentation gamers were treated to a brand new title that no one saw coming. Splatoon offers some of the most entertain... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Halo 5 Guardians to Steal the Show at E3 2014

136 days ago - E3 is the time of year for gamers to really get excited about what's coming next from the biggest game developers in the world. One title that's on... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Murdered Soul Suspect Let's Play

137 days 15 hours ago - The entire live let's play of Murdered Soul Suspect is here for your viewing enjoyment. This game is perfect for those who want a laid back gamepla... | Video | PC


Deus Ex Easter Egg Located in Murdered Soul Suspect

138 days 14 hours ago - Square Enix has placed a nice tribute to another one of their franchises inside the police station of Murdered: Soul Suspect. Did you find this whe... | Video | PC


COD Ghosts Invasion DLC EGG-STRA Awakening Achievement Guide

139 days 2 hours ago - The Invasion Egg-Stra XP DLC achievement guide for Awakening is just like it's always been. Find some hives, shoot them and complete the first wave... | Video | PC


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review | FanBoyFeed

140 days 22 hours ago - Murdered: Soul Suspect is a dark detective thriller with a supernatural twist: the mystery you are solving is your own murder from the afterlife. P... | Review | PC


Mario Kart 8 Review | FanBoyFeed

143 days 21 hours ago - At this point, Mario Kart seems beyond reinvention. Nintendo clearly feels that Mario Kart is a formula to be augmented, not reformulated, and ther... | Review | Wii U


How to be Excited for E3 if You're Not a Next-Gen Owner

144 days 10 hours ago - Gamers love this time of the year. E3 is the ultimate preview to the future for gamers, and this year it's going to be all about the software heade... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Murdered Soul Suspect Frame Rate Suffers on Xbox 360

144 days 20 hours ago - There's plenty of leaked copies of this game running around the internet and one person decided to show the world that the Xbox 360 version of Murd... | Video | Xbox 360


Killer Instinct Season 2 DLC Reveal at E3?

145 days 3 hours ago - Killer Instinct has been a huge success for Microsoft as an exclusive fighter for the Xbox One, and with promise of plenty more DLC in the future h... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Watch Dogs Let's Play

145 days 16 hours ago - Welcome to the Watch Dogs Let’s Play where GamrInsanity will be taking firm control of the game from start to finish. Does Ubisoft’s next-gen new I... | Video | PC


Watch Dogs Xbox 360 Install Size Revealed

152 days 9 hours ago - Thanks to the leaked copies running all over the world, we finally have our first look at the install size of the Xbox 360 version of the game. Dis... | News | Xbox 360


Watch Dogs Leaked Opening

152 days 19 hours ago - The following footage that's showcased is the leaked opening from the major upcoming release Watch Dogs. Here's a quick look at the Xbox 360 versio... | Video | Xbox 360


Leaked GameStop Watch Dogs Trade In Promotion

152 days 22 hours ago - While taking a trip through a local GameStop we stumbled upon an advertisement for a trade in deal for Watch Dogs six days before the game releases... | News | Xbox 360


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