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Dishonored Review - JPS

662 days 13 hours ago - "Over the years, many developers have attempted to capture the stealth action experience, but very few have actually pulled it off. While Deus EX a... | Review | PC


Resident Evil 6 Review - JPS

669 days 12 hours ago - "Over the years, many fans of the Resident Evil series have missed the original games that expertly portrayed horror. Following the release of the... | Review | PC


Get Dark Souls at a very affordable price

674 days 4 hours ago - With the Artorias of the Abyss DLC coming to Dark Souls in just several weeks, the game itself finally drop its price to a very affordable price st... | News | Xbox 360


Guild Wars 2 Impressions - JPS

698 days 6 hours ago - "Guild Wars 2 has been one of the most anticipated MMORPG games to hit the PC this year. Since I haven’t played the first Guild Wars, I wasn’t sure... | Article | PC


Vi søker Interaksjons/Grafisk Designer

Now - Lyst å jobbe med utviklingen av nye N4G? Vi søker en person i Oslo med erfaring fra arbeid med webtjenester og mobilapplikasjoner. | Promoted post

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC) Review - JPS

699 days 8 hours ago - "Late last year, console gamers learned that death isn’t the end in Dark Souls, but a way to remind you of your mistakes. With the release of Dark... | Review | PC


Nintendo 3DS Trade Deal - Get $100 Credit Towards the new 3DS XL

713 days 23 hours ago - Looking to get rid of your old Nintendo 3DS to upgrade to the new 3DS XL this Sunday? You’re in luck as Gamestop is once again holding a promotion... | News | 3DS


Black Ops: Declassified (PS Vita) Will Most Likely Fail

714 days 6 hours ago - Since Sony revealed that their (at the time) upcoming handheld would have a Call of Duty game grace its presence, many have been quite anxious. Now... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Last Story Review - JPS

714 days 13 hours ago - "As we slowly head closer to the end life cycle of the Nintendo Wii, there’s only one last game that RPG fans need to play and that is The Last Sto... | Review | Wii


Darksiders II – The Crucible Rewards Detailed

715 days 2 hours ago - By now, you must’ve noticed that the Crucible in Darksiders II isn’t like an easy walk to the park. While it takes a lot of patience and dedication... | News | PC


Sleeping Dogs Interview: Developer Reveals “Pacing Was Key”

715 days 3 hours ago - "Recently, I was fortunate enough to interview the Sleeping Dogs Producer, Dan Sochan, who provided insight into the games development and also som... | Interview | PC


Darksiders II – How to Conquer Soul Arbiter’s Maze

715 days 4 hours ago - One of the sidequests that you can take in Darksiders II is to go through the labyrinth of Arbiter in the Kingdom of the Dead. With a maze like dun... | Article | PC


Nintendo 3DS XL Review - JPS

715 days 11 hours ago - "When it comes to handheld gaming devices from Nintendo, it’s always expected that there will always be an updated model coming a year or two after... | Review | 3DS


New Super Mario Bros. 2 Review - JPS

716 days 10 hours ago - "It’s been over six years since the first New Super Mario Bros. game hit the Nintendo DS. Following the successful release of various Mario games o... | Review | 3DS


Darksiders II: Serpent Tome Detailed (Access your Pre-Order Items & More)

717 days 5 hours ago - Assuming you pre-ordered Darksiders II and picked up the game today, bunch of voucher codes should be included in your receipt or within the game t... | News | PC


PS Vita 1.8 Firmware Detailed; More Features Coming

717 days 9 hours ago - With the 1.8 firmware for the PlayStation Vita coming this August 28th, Sony revealed more details today that will be coming on the firmware, aside... | News | PS3


Nintendo 3DS XL (US) Unboxing Gallery

724 days 5 hours ago - In less than two weeks, the highly anticipated ‘XL’ version of the Nintendo 3DS will finally be released. That being said, many gamers are wonderin... | News | 3DS


Deadlight Review - JPS

732 days 4 hours ago - "Tequila Work’s Deadlight reminded me of one game; Limbo. Due to the dark atmosphere and being a side scrolling platformer adventure, Deadlight see... | Review | Xbox 360


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review - JPS

735 days 10 hours ago - "Since the release of Kingdom Hearts II, fans of the series are longing to play the continuation of the series but unfortunately, Square Enix keeps... | Review | 3DS


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Review - JPS

744 days 11 hours ago - "There have been a number of HD re-releases lately with a lot of PS2 games receiving the HD makeover. Activision went for a different approach and... | Review | PC


Heroes of Ruin Review - JPS

745 days 11 hours ago - "The first time Heroes of Ruin was unveiled, I got excited due to the fact that it looked and played like Diablo. As a long time fan of the Diablo... | Review | 3DS


One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review

Now - Drew puts on his straw hat for another wacky adventure. | Promoted post
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