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GamingOgre: Venetica Review

1702 days 1 hour ago - GamingOgre: Venetica was originally released in Germany back in 2009, but now that it's state side, were we really missing anything by not having i... | Review | Xbox 360


GamingOgre: Lord of Arcana Review

1702 days 5 hours ago - GamingOgre: Is Lord of Arcana just another wanna be portable Dynasty Warriors, or does this PSP title hold it's own? To find out, read our full rev... | Review | PSP


GamingOgre: The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest Review

1713 days 14 hours ago - GamingOgre: Does the King have what it takes to sit on the throne, or has Aragorn finally (after a slew of bad LOTR franchised games) lost his flam... | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: LittleBigPlanet 2 Review

1720 days 18 hours ago - GamingOgre: Sackboy is back, but is this just more of the same old thing, or is there actually a reason to buy part two instead of just sticking to... | Review | PS3


This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

GamingOgre: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

1722 days 1 hour ago - GamingOgre: Is this re-imagining of a classic novel a story of its own, or is it just another forgettable tall tale? Read our review, and find out!... | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: X-Men Arcade Review

1724 days 7 hours ago - GamingOgre: Warning, addictive arcade fun will still make you frantically search for a coin slot, but does it still pass the test of time and hold... | Review | Xbox 360


GamingOgre: Eat Them! PS3 (PSN) Review

1745 days 19 hours ago - GamingOgre: EAT THEM! Do it, nao! Is this monster stomper a romp though your memory lane stroll of Rampage, King of Monsters, and Godzilla: Destroy... | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: Top Darts PSN Review

1745 days 20 hours ago - GamingOgre: Darts, for Move? A good idea, but is it decent or forgettable uncontrollable crap? Read our review and find out! | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: nail'd PS3 Review

1745 days 22 hours ago - GamingOgre: Launching to low review scores, nail'd seems to be an underdog out of the gate, but does it deserve the smashing it got, or is it actua... | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: The Fight: Lights Out PS3 (Move) Review

1746 days 11 hours ago - GamingOgre: Could The Fight: Lights Out be a contender, or is it just another washed up has been? Find out in our full review! | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: Knights in the Nightmare PSP Review

1753 days 21 hours ago - GamingOgre: Boasting to be a bullet time hell shooter mixed with a strategy rpg, is Knights in the Nightmare a clever mix of several genres or a he... | Review | PSP


GamingOgre: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow X360 Review

1757 days 21 hours ago - GamingOgre: Another Belmont returns to the fight, but with Kojima Productions on their side is this truely an epic vampire hunter tale, or just ano... | Review | Xbox 360


GamingOgre: Crazy Taxi PSN Review

1765 days 6 hours ago - GamingOgre: Does Crazy Taxi still have what it takes to compete in a world of fast paced arcade racing action, or is it way too far past its prime?... | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: Sonic Free Riders Review (X360)

1771 days 18 hours ago - GamingOgre: "With the release of Microsoft's Kinect, all gamers should know by now that when new hardware releases, it's not uncommon for the launc... | Review | Xbox 360


GamingOgre: Invizimals PSP Review

1777 days 5 hours ago - GamingOgre: A new pocket fighter has arrived that takes full advantage of the PSP's new camera peripheral, but is it solid enough to stand on its o... | Review | PSP


GamingOgre: Fallout: New Vegas PS3 Review

1777 days 11 hours ago - GamingOgre: Long awaited follow up to the 2008 smash hit Fallout 3, but with a different development team, was it really worth waiting for? Read ou... | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: EyePet: Your Virtual Pet PSP Review

1777 days 12 hours ago - GamingOgre: Can this cuddly little buddy be a pocket sized compadre that's so cool he'll make you forget to feed your Nintendog? Read our review to... | Review | PSP


GamingOgre: Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions PS3 Review

1778 days 4 hours ago - GamingOgre: Does Beenox have what it takes to keep Spidey swinging above the rest, or has our favorite wall crawler finally lost his appeal to keep... | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: Medal of Honor (2010) PS3 Review

1778 days 4 hours ago - GamingOgre: With all of the other great realistic shooters on the market (Black Ops, Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare 2, etc.) can this revival of the... | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition PC Review

1778 days 6 hours ago - GamingOgre: Now that we've finally gotten our hands on a copy of the "complete" version, check out our review for Borderlands: Game of the Year Edi... | Review | PC


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