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Fatal Hero: Top Ten most anticipated things at E3 2015

174 days 14 hours ago - Josh from Fatal Hero takes a look at his most anticipated things that may or may not be shown at this year's E3. | Opinion piece | E3


FRONTBURNR | South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

636 days 12 hours ago - FRONTBURNR's Jonathan White takes a look at South Park: The Stick of Truth. Do the antics of the foul-mouthed Colorado kids make for a compelling R... | Review | PC


SpriteThisDown: Managing Batspectations

766 days 20 hours ago - Dean Stephenson gives this thoughts on Batman Arkham Origins. As a self-proclaimed "bat fan" see how he feels about the newest adventure of the cap... | Opinion piece | PC


Project Frontburnr - 8 Games I'm Supposed to Love but I Hate

999 days 23 hours ago - In today's post, Amy Tucker explains why she dislikes 8 games that the majority of gamers love. | Opinion piece | Culture


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

GamingOgre: The Chronicles of Misogyny: Voyage of the God of War

1213 days 23 hours ago - GamingOgre's Ryan Herra explains why it's bullshit that Sony Santa Monica is toning down violence against women, and why the women in the God of Wa... | Article | PS3


GamingOgre: Prototype 2 Review

1266 days 13 hours ago - GamingOgre: You finally get to hunt Alex Mercer, but is Prototype 2 worth your time? Find out by reading our review. | Review | Xbox 360


GamingOgre: Diablo III Review

1269 days 12 hours ago - GamingOgre: It's been 12 years. A lot has happened since Diablo 2 was released. Was it worth the wait? Find out by reading our review. | Review | PC


GamingOgre: Mass Effect 3 Review

1330 days ago - GamingOgre: Mass Effect 3's gotten a lot of attention for it's lack-luster ending, but is the hate warranted? Find out in our review. | Review | PC


GamingOgre: Top 10 April Fools Stories

1337 days 22 hours ago - GamingOgre: Here's our list of the top 10 April Fools jokes this year. See if your favorites made our list. | Opinion piece | Industry


GamingOgre: Street Fighter x Tekken Review

1343 days ago - GamingOgre: The world warriors of Street Fighter clash head to head with the battle fused combatants of Tekken, but can this dream match stand the... | Review | Xbox 360


GamingOgre: SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Pro Edition Mouse Review

1349 days 20 hours ago - GamingOgre: SteelSeries is back with an option for those who prefer a basic style mouse without the need for 30 extra buttons. Is this simple yet e... | Review | PC


GamingOgre: Ridge Racer Review

1350 days 23 hours ago - GamingOgre: Ridge Racer returns for the PS Vita, but can this version hold up to the excellent one that showed up on the 3DS? To find out, read our... | Review | PS Vita


GamingOgre: Journey Review

1357 days 23 hours ago - GamingOgre: ThatGameCompany returns with another artful adventure. Find out if this is a journey worth taking, or if you should venture elsewhere b... | Review | PS3


GamingOgre: Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition Review

1362 days ago - GamingOgre: Virtua Tennis 4 returns on the PS Vita, but is the handheld version any good, or is it simply just a crappy port of the console version... | Review | PS Vita


GamingOgre: Touch My Katamari Review

1362 days 18 hours ago - GamingOgre: Katamari returns to the PS Vita, but infused with some new touch controls, will the prince roll your heart up, or is this game little m... | Review | PS Vita


GamingOgre: Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Review

1363 days 20 hours ago - GamingOgre: Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen brings stealth based ninja action to the PS Vita. Is this followup to a game originally released in Japan o... | Review | PS Vita


GamingOgre: The Darkness II Review

1370 days 1 hour ago - GamingOgre: Jackie Estacado returns in The Darkness 2, but will this demonic shooter leave you in the dark? Find out by reading our full review. | Review | PC


GamingOgre: Asura's Wrath Review

1371 days 22 hours ago - GamingOgre: Asura's Wrath is a wild ride on a quick time event roller coaster, but does the rage fuel your fires or just leave you burning up insid... | Review | Xbox 360


GamingOgre: Little Deviants Review

1379 days 23 hours ago - GamingOgre: Are the Little Deviants cleverly causing trouble, or have they just culminated into one big mess? To find out, read our review. | Review | PS Vita


GamingOgre: UFC Undisputed 3 Review

1387 days 1 hour ago - GamingOgre: UFC returns after a little bit of a break. Can this new contender deliver a knockout, or will it tap out? Find out by reading our review. | Review | Xbox 360


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