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Resident Evil 6 Review: The Best Use of Established Characters Ever | Leviathyn

1056 days 17 hours ago - Resident Evil has evolved over the years. The first portion of this franchise is revered for being a pioneer in the survival horror genre. The rece... | Review | Xbox 360


Starter Tips for Playing Dishonored

1056 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | At its core, Arkane Studio’s Dishonored is a pure action stealth game with a lot of interesting new conventions used for sneaking a... | Article | PC


Bad Piggies Review | Leviathyn

1057 days 7 hours ago - Bad Piggies is the follow up to Angry Birds, a spin-off featuring the devious little pigs that we worked so hard to bring down in the original Rovi... | Review | iPhone


The Importance of the “Guild” in Guild Wars 2

1057 days 8 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | Obviously guilds are going to make up a big part of a game called Guild Wars. But the importance of the guild in Guild Wars 2 is mu... | Opinion piece | PC


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

5 Awesome Online PS3 Games

1057 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | Only slightly over a decade ago, the word ‘gamer’ conjured images of a lonely slob sat in his mother’s basement, shunning the outsi... | Opinion piece | PS3


Ten Things Faster Than Light 2 Needs

1057 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | If you haven’t played the recent indie hit Faster Than Light, or better known as FTL, you really should check it out. Combining the... | Opinion piece | PC


Retro City Rampage Is Best Played On The Vita

1057 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | Do you own a Vita? Put down everything you are doing and head to the PlayStation Store right now! Retro City Rampage released the... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Breaking Down The Mechromancer Class In Borderlands 2

1057 days 21 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | As if the four original protagonists weren’t causing enough destruction on Pandora, a fifth playable class has joined the fray. Ga... | Article | PC


The Walking Dead Primer

1059 days 11 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | With Episode 4 releasing today on PS3 and tomorrow everywhere else, now is a perfect time to catch up on some of the decisions you... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Getting Rid of Microsoft Points is a Step In the Right Direction

1059 days 12 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | It was rumored yesterday that with its new Xbox 360 dashboard update out later this month, Microsoft may be moving away from its P... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Pokemon Black and Blue review: Go PETA go! Review | Leviathyn

1059 days 12 hours ago - I like jokes. Specifically, I like ones that make me laugh. They don’t even have to be “laugh out loud” funny; they can be the corniest jokes in th... | Review | Casual games


What’s Your All-Time Favorite RPG?

1060 days 8 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | With their wide range of settings, choice, and immersive quality, it’s no surprise that RPGs make up some of the most engaging and... | Opinion piece | PC


Do Graphics Really Need to Get Any Better?

1060 days 8 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | I still remember the first time I got to the top of a Nepalese hotel in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. After a long and arduous journe... | Opinion piece | PC


The Console and PC Become One

1060 days 10 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | Microsoft has finally jumped on board and is bring a web browser to the Xbox 360. Internet Explorer will soon be ported to the cons... | Opinion piece | PC


The Slender Man Mythos Gets More Games

1060 days 16 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | The Slender Man started out as an internet meme in 2009, and has only continued to grow since then. If you’re unfamiliar with the m... | Opinion piece | PC


30 Half Minute Hero Review | Leviathyn

1060 days 21 hours ago - An evil villain has learned the Spell of Destruction and is teaching it to all the other villains he can find so that one of them can get to end th... | Review | PC


Five Reasons to Play Dishonored

1063 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | One of the most intriguing new IPs of 2012, Dishonored is a stealth action game promising to allow players to take on the powers of... | Opinion piece | PC


The GOP Thinks You Are Immature

1063 days 19 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | Ok, maybe that’s going too far. In all fairness, they aren’t talking about you in particular. Just all gamers in general. | Opinion piece | PC


Ten Games That Could Save The Vita

1063 days 19 hours ago - Leviathyn.com | Perhaps the word “save” is a bit harsh here. There is nothing wrong with the Vita. Technically. The problem lies in sales and how t... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Speed Kittens Review | Leviathyn

1064 days 2 hours ago - From developer Grey May comes Speed Kittens, one of the cutest and most unique iOS games I’ve played this year. At a glance, Speed Kittens has a s... | Review | iPhone


LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post
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