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The Walking Dead, Is it Really a Video Game?

1152 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn | The Walking Dead is an interactive adventure. It’s powerful story is what made it win the VGA’s Game of the Year Award. But The Walking... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Series That Will Never Get Old

1152 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn | There’s lots of long running series out there that will always have die hard fans. But many games start getting old, or aren’t that fun... | Opinion piece | PC


Persona 4 Arena Review: Correctly Translating An RPG Into A Fighting Game | Leviathyn

1152 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn | Turning an RPG into a fighting game? Must be impossible. Well, Atlus and Aksys set out to prove you wrong and with Persona 4 Arena they... | Review | Xbox 360


The New Last of Us Trailer Shows How Crappy Being A Survivor Can Be

1152 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn | Cassidee takes a look at the new trailer for The Last of Us released at the VGAs and breaks it down to explain what we can expect from... | Opinion piece | PS3


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Our Most Anticipated Games of 2013

1152 days 19 hours ago - Leviathyn | Facing a litany of fantastic games set to release next year, the Leviathyn staff counts down their most anticipated releases of 2013. W... | Opinion piece | PC


The Five Games I Want To Import Right Now

1152 days 19 hours ago - Ronald from Leviathyn | Importing games is a hassle but Japan hogs up so many awesome titles. Some times you just have to bite the bullet and go th... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Video Game HD Collections We Need

1152 days 20 hours ago - Ronald from Leviathyn | There are a bunch of great HD collections out there for classics and even some for recent hits. There are great for new pla... | Opinion piece | PC


A Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Starring Mario? No Thanks

1153 days ago - Leviathyn | Cassidee sounds off on the recent announcement regarding Mario starring in an eventual Wreck-It Ralph sequel and exactly how bad of an... | Opinion piece | Culture


What’s Up With The Phantom Pain?

1153 days 3 hours ago - Leviathyn | Ever since the VGAs, it’s hard to not find any new developments about The Phantom Pain. Is it a new IP? Is it a new Metal Gear game? Or... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Battlefield 3: Aftermath Review | Leviathyn

1153 days 3 hours ago - Oh look, Flynn from Leviathyn has written another article about Battlefield 3. This time it’s a review of the new DLC: Aftermath. Find out makes it... | Review | PC


Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition Review | Leviathyn

1155 days 20 hours ago - Paul from Leviathyn | What I liked best about the game is that Albert also shows the symptoms of Confinement Syndrome. Sometimes it seems like he h... | Review | PC


Leviacast #10: The One Where Everyone Cries?

1156 days 1 hour ago - Leviathyn | Episode 10 of Leviathyn’s podcast, Leviacast. Join Ron, Cassidee, and Aaron discuss the VGAs, the likelihood of The Phantom Pain being... | Podcast | Culture


Video Game Delays: Support or Complain?

1156 days 1 hour ago - Randall from Leviathyn | Video game delays happen fairly often. This article discusses if game delays are a positive decision. | Opinion piece | PC


Do We Still Need New Games?

1156 days 3 hours ago - Travis from Leviathyn | The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) released with 18 different games. Before the Nintendo the world didn’t have many vi... | Opinion piece | PC


iOS Review- The Simpsons: Tapped Out | Leviathyn

1156 days 7 hours ago - Ben from Leviathyn | The Simpsons make another daring adventure into the gaming world and this time it’s on iOS. Ben reviews Tapped Out, a simulati... | Review | iPhone


Lego: Lord of the Rings Review | Leviathyn

1159 days 18 hours ago - Travis from Leviathyn | Lego: Lord of the Rings is the best Lego game so far. The Lego series has made some changes since their last release, and a... | Review | PC


The Personal Hardships That Persona 4 Golden Makes You Face Are Intense And Very Real

1159 days 19 hours ago - Ronald from Leviathyn | Persona 4 Golden is getting rave review but there is a deeper meaning to this game than just good characters and gameplay.... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


The Walking Dead Series Review: Raising the Bar In Storytelling | Leviathyn

1160 days 20 hours ago - Cassidee reviews The Walking Dead, calling it a masterpiece in video game storytelling. Do you agree? | Review | Xbox 360


3 Things the Wii Did Right

1160 days 21 hours ago - Cassidee from Leviathyn considers the Wii and the places where the console succeeded the most. | Opinion piece | Wii


5 Things the Lego Video Game Series Does Right

1162 days 20 hours ago - Travis from Leviathyn has his top five things that the LEGO video games series accomplished that many in the industry lack. What are they, come che... | Opinion piece | PC


Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

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