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Leviathyn's 2014 Game Of The Year Awards

268 days 9 hours ago - Join us as the team at Leviathyn reveal their top ten games, along with their pick for the 2014 game of the year. | Opinion piece | PC


Hullabaloo Over Xbox One

831 days 6 hours ago - Leviathyn | With the knowledge we already know about the Xbox One, let us drill down into Microsoft's strategy or come up with our own. What exactl... | Opinion piece | PS4


SimCity Patch 4 Out Today

834 days 17 hours ago - Leviathyn | EA has announced the next patch for SimCity, the patch called "Patch 4", has old features re-enabled and some new features for early ad... | News | PC


Leviacast #13 Connecticut’s Gone Crazy

962 days 18 hours ago - Leviathyn | Join Cassidee, Ronald, and Aaron as they talk about video games and violence. | Podcast | Culture


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Five Reasons to Play Dead Space 3

962 days 19 hours ago - Leviathyn | With the release of Visceral’s survival horror sequel quickly approaching, Cassidee takes a look at Dead Space 3 and offers five reason... | Opinion piece | PC


A New Beginning – Final Cut Review | Leviathyn

962 days 23 hours ago - Leviathyn | I found the story of A New Beginning to be more interesting than the puzzles it threw at me, though there were definitely puzzles that... | Review | PC


Seven Easy Ways to Earn Achievements

971 days 4 hours ago - Leviathyn | Attention achievement whores! Cassidee shares seven easy ways to boost your gamerscore on the Xbox 360. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Most Anticipated Games Of 2013

971 days 4 hours ago - Leviathyn | We’re just beginning 2013 but let’s look ahead to the most anticipated known games of the year. Believe me, this year has plenty to loo... | Opinion piece | PC


The 10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Dragon Age 3

974 days 6 hours ago - Leviathyn | While we patiently wait for more news about Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, let’s look at some things the third game in the series should le... | Opinion piece | PC


PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale Review: Don’t Call it A Smash Bros. Clone | Leviathyn

974 days 8 hours ago - Leviathyn | Cassidee reviews Sony’s franchise brawler PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale. Does it successfully forge its own identity, or is this... | Review | PS3


The Most Underrated Villains In Gaming

974 days 8 hours ago - Leviathyn | Everyone knows of names like Sephiroth, Bowser, The Joker, and Ganon. It’s time that other villains get the spotlight. These are most u... | Opinion piece | PC


Gaming’s Scariest Songs

978 days 5 hours ago - Leviathyn | Video game music can make or break a title, especially for an RPG and MMO. A game can hold all types of music ranging from happy-go-luc... | Opinion piece | PC


Who’s Your Top Pick in PlayStation All Stars?

978 days 5 hours ago - Leviathyn | Now that you've had a good chunk of time to play around with the roster of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, we want to know: who’s... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Experience I Had With Journey Is One I’ll Never Forget

981 days 7 hours ago - Leviathyn | After playing through Journey for the first time, Cassidee considers the game’s amazing ability to transport you on your own emotional... | Opinion piece | PS3


Top 10 GameCube Games

981 days 7 hours ago - Leviathyn | The purple cube with a lunch box handle may sold fewer consoles than the PS2 or Xbox, but there’s no doubt it had some downright amazin... | Opinion piece | GameCube


11 Forgotten Games And Series That Need A Return In 2013

985 days 22 hours ago - Leviathyn | In the past few years there have been a lot of revival attempts for old games. Yet, these 11 games and series remain locked away. Here’... | Opinion piece | PC


A Game with Real Replayability: Hitman: Absolution

991 days 23 hours ago - Leviathyn | Replayability has become a huge selling point for video games. But somehow the gaming industry has forgotten what this feature actually... | Opinion piece | PC


Dead Pixels Review | Leviathyn

991 days 23 hours ago - Leviathyn | Dead Pixels is the latest in a long string of retro indie games dedicated to the true love of gamers everywhere: The zombie apocalypse!... | Review | PC


Middle Manager of Justice: Econo-Heroes Assemble! Review | Leviathyn

991 days 23 hours ago - Leviathyn | Cassidee reviews Middle Manager of Justice, a new superhero management sim from Double Fine Studios. Is it a free-to-play ripoff, or a... | Review | iPhone


Party of Sin Review | Leviathyn

991 days 23 hours ago - Leviathyn | Party of Sin is a platform game that combines combat with solving fiendish puzzles while fending off the armies of Hell, Heaven and Pur... | Review | PC



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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