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Next Guild Wars 2 Patch Info Datamined

750 days 15 hours ago - from RaidWarning.com: "The Bazaar of the Four Winds may have just arrived in Tyria, but ArenaNet has already given us a hint as to what is comin... | News | PC


Wildstar Devs Tease Wednesday Reveal

800 days 9 hours ago - From RaidWarning.com "We don’t know what it is, but the Wildstar team has something in store for its fans. With a cryptic poster, adorned only wit... | News | PC


TUG Talks Design in New Video

807 days 4 hours ago - From RaidWarning.com "Sometimes, every once in a while, there’s a game that comes along that not only gets you excited, but does something more.... | News | PC


Guns of Icarus Meets Kickstarter Goal

827 days 7 hours ago - From RaidWarning.com " The Kickstarter for Guns of Icarus has soared to success, reaching its goal of $100,000 last week. This funding will help... | News | PC


VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

Interview with Darren Korb - Audio Director at Supergiant Games

841 days 9 hours ago - From RaidWarning.com "I had the great pleasure of being able to talk with Darren Korb today and ask him a few questions about Games, Music and his... | Interview | PC


Weekly News Update: Consoles Die and Dragons Fly

850 days 23 hours ago - From PureSophistry.com "The world of video games is full of strong opinions, let-downs, and zombies that you can never seem to kill. So is this... | News | Culture


The PAX ESO Press Beta in Review

853 days 1 hour ago - From RaidWarning.com " During this past weekend at PAX East, Seven and I had the opportunity to sit down and play the Press Beta version of Zeni... | Opinion piece | PC


An Interview with Divergence's Ethan Casner

863 days 8 hours ago - From RaidWarning.com "We recently had the opportunity to interview Ethan Casner, the man behind the Indie-MMO, Divergence. It’s an ambitious... | Interview | PC


Tyler Buser Talks Level Design in HAWKEN

877 days 9 hours ago - From RaidWarning.com "Adhesive games has seen fit to bring someone into their team in order to continue expanding the game world of Hawken. Tyle... | News | PC


Blood Bowl: Nostalgia is a Blitzer

881 days 8 hours ago - From RaidWarning.com "I’ve got no idea how it happened. Honestly, I don’t know, but Blood Bowl has made a stunning recovery. What first charged... | Opinion piece | PC


Divergence Reemerges

884 days 6 hours ago - From RaidWarning: "It's a rare moment to find something during your evening internet search, that you can point to and say "This is true passi... | News | PC


Matt Firor Dishes Up ESO Details

890 days 23 hours ago - In a recent interview, Matt Firor, director of The Elder Scrolls Online, revealed a few important bits of information. Namely, he discussed the po... | News | PC


Hawken Does the Harlem Shake

894 days 8 hours ago - The team at Adhesive Games has not let the latest internet phenomenon pass them by. Instead, they decided to make there own version of the Harlem S... | Video | PC


5 Videos to Pull You Into Hawken

894 days 19 hours ago - Hawken is a game not enough people are playing. It's a phenomenal game that really captures the spirit of Mech combat. Here are 5 videos to get you... | Article | PC


Fourth Hawken Preview Comic Promises Points

896 days 9 hours ago - The fourth preview of Hawken: Genesis Graphic Novel was released today, and brought with it a promise of discounts and Hawken Points. | News | PC


Hawken's Hearts of Fire Looks Good...

897 days 21 hours ago - The team at Hawken has unveiled a promotion celebrating both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. Is this just a bunch of fluff or a sign of good... | News | PC


Guilds are in, Pickpocket is Out in ESO

898 days 9 hours ago - In a recent flurry of news and answered questions, we've learned a lot about The Elder Scrolls Online we didn't know a week ago. Some of what we le... | News | PC


The Secret World Details DLC Pricing

900 days 20 hours ago - In a recent forum post, A Secret World Dev detailed the upcoming changes being made to how DLC is purchased in Funcom's MMO, and how specifically i... | News | PC


SOE Closes Bullet Run, But What Do They Open?

904 days ago - SOE announced today that they would be shutting down the F2p Shooter Bullet Run. But What does this mean for the future of the company, and was thi... | News | PC


TERA Starting F2P Without a Cash Shop

905 days 7 hours ago - TERA Rising goes Free-to-Play tomorrow, but today we learned that the Valkyon Outfitters, TERA's in game cash shop, won't be ready at this time. W... | News | PC


Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post
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