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Why it's not looking good for the 8th console generation

916 days 1 hour ago - Rival Tide Contributor Richard Wood's thoughts on the three major consoles that make up the 8th console generation. Based on what has been shown so... | Opinion piece | PS4


Deciding a Future For: The Legend of Zelda

936 days 9 hours ago - Being a huge fan of Nintendo, I've become conerend that some of my favourite gaming franchises are really struggling to keep it fresh. The past few... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Columbia vs. Rapture

937 days 9 hours ago - The Bioshock Infinite hype is moving from boil to a steady simmer, and everybody is slowly moving on to the next thing to be outraged about/for. Al... | Opinion piece | PC


RivalTide: Slender: The Arrival

974 days 16 hours ago - The release of the hotly anticipated Slender game is almost upon us. If you're unaware of this indie title come horror phenomena, come have a look... | Preview | PC


A New Future for Assassin’s Creed

1016 days 12 hours ago - There has been news of a new Assassin's Creed game in the works. Rival Tide writer Richard Wood reaffirms his displeasure at the seemingly downward... | Article | Culture


10 reasons why they shouldn’t make a Mass Effect movie

1125 days 4 hours ago - There has been a lot of news about different people handling the script for a potential new Mass Effect movie. Personally though, I want nothing mo... | Opinion piece | Culture


Mass Effect Multiplayer: Volus Guide

1127 days 20 hours ago - A guide for players just now getting their hands on the new(ish) Volus Adept and Engineer classes for Mass Effect Multiplayer. Including a breakdow... | Article | Xbox 360


Rival Tide Review - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

1218 days 2 hours ago - A new writer at Rival Tide has a bash at the HD remake of Tony Hawk's for the XBLA and PSN. Is it a slice of nostalgia or a cold bucket of reality? | Review | Xbox 360


Rival Tide Indie review - Slender

1219 days 8 hours ago - Rival Tide take a look at the game that has gone viral over the internet and it looks like it might be on the most truly scary games to come out in... | Review | PC


Rival Tide Review - Spirit Camera The Cursed Memoir

1219 days 8 hours ago - Rival Tide take a look at the Fatal Frame Spin off on the Nintendo 3DS; Spirit Camera. Can the famously scary series make the jump to the handheld... | Review | 3DS


Rival Tide Review - The Amazing Spider-Man

1238 days 8 hours ago - Life long Spider-Man fan Richard Wood picks up the latest Spider-Man game from Beenox, this being their first open world game and one based on the... | Review | Xbox 360


Rival Tide Review - Mario Tennis Open

1262 days 18 hours ago - Rival Tide take a belated look at the latest Mario sports game, this time it's Tennis. | Review | 3DS


What we know about Resident Evil 6

1272 days 1 hour ago - RivalTide break down what is known about the upcoming sixth entry in the long suffering survival horror franchise. | Article | PC


Rival Tide Review - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier

1272 days 7 hours ago - Ghost Recon has been around for seemingly forever. Future Solider is the fourth entry into the main series. How does the futuristic shooter rate? | Review | Xbox 360


Rival Tide Review - Resistance Burning Skies

1272 days 10 hours ago - Resistance was a huge series for the PS3, will this PS Vita exclusive game hit the same spots? | Review | PS Vita


Rival Tide Review - Dirt Showdown

1273 days ago - Rivaltide take a look at the action packed mess of twisted metal; Dirt Showdown. | Review | PS3


Sonic 4 Episode 2 Review | Rival Tide

1284 days 5 hours ago - Life long Sonic the Hedgehog fan Richard Wood takes a look at the new game starring the supersonic hedgehog. Will it be better than the first one? | Review | Xbox 360


Hands on Preview: Inversion (Rival Tide)

1286 days 7 hours ago - Rival Tide member Jon Blayney took a trip to Namco a few days ago to take an early look at their gravity based cover based shooter. He gives his th... | Preview | Xbox 360


Max Payne 3 Review | Rival Tide

1286 days 9 hours ago - Rival Tide writer Jacob Steiner gives his thoughts and views on the long awaited third entry in the Max Payne series. | Review | Xbox 360


Rival Tide Review - Trials Evolution

1290 days 8 hours ago - Rival Tide review the sequel to best selling XBLA game Trials. | Review | Xbox 360


See what games are coming out in 2016

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