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Steins;Gate Review | G4@Syfygames

5 days 23 hours ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "While other successful visual novels, like 999 (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) or Danganronpa, use various means of pl... | Review | PS3


Interview: Author David Craddock on Dungeon Hacks and the fascinating history of roguelikes

20 days 2 hours ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "The roguelike is a game-changing genre, but it’s an old one. Dating back to Dungeons & Dragons, the style has influenced ever... | Interview | PC


Interview: Stardock’s Adam Biessener on Sorcerer King, building a rebellion, and more

21 days 23 hours ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "Not many games would start with you losing against the bad guy. But, that’s exactly how PC strategy game Sorcerer King beg... | Interview | PC


Review: ‘Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition’ | G4@Syfygames

40 days 17 hours ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "Time has treated Gabriel Knight well. As wary as I can be of adventure games that intimidate players with an overstuffed inve... | Review | PC


Check What PC Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At Releases.com you can check release dates for PC games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’ Review | G4@Syfygames

45 days 21 hours ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "Ultimately, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter fails to deliver a meaningful narrative experience, the kind that stirs emotion or... | Review | PC


What 'Mad Max' the game could learn from 'Mad Max' the movie

72 days 5 hours ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "If developer Avalanche Studios (the maker of the Just Cause crazy open-world games) has any hope of impressing players on the... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: ‘Til Morning’s Light’ | G4@Syfygames

91 days 20 hours ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "Til Morning’s Light is so different from what I’m used to playing from Wayforward Technologies that it’s hard to believe this... | Review | iPhone


Epanalepsis Review | G4@Syfygames

104 days 1 hour ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "Adventure games like Epanalepsis are a matter of personal taste. Either you like them riddled with complicated puzzles or you... | Review | PC


Toren Review | G4@Syfygames

108 days ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "In a way, Toren reminds me of Zeno Clash, with its extreme colors and surreal idea of a fantasy world and how you move throug... | Review | PC


'Silent Hills' is dead, but the series died long ago

124 days 1 hour ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "Silent Hills has been canceled, and my biggest regret is that I will never understand the reason for the ridiculous “s” on th... | Opinion piece | PS4


'Bloodborne' Review | G4@Syfygames

131 days 23 hours ago - G4@Syfygames writes, "While I would argue that no single game is going to be worth purchasing a brand new console for, one might wonder if I had at... | Review | PS4


This role-playing game mixes Diablo in the bright colors of The Banner Saga

140 days ago - GamesBeat writes, "If you love tactical role-playing games, play Masquerada. If you hate tactical RPGs … play Masquerada. Yup, that’s the sense I’m... | Interview | PC


Shadow of Mordor has nothing on the orcs in this dating sim

142 days 3 hours ago - GamesBeat writes, "While you slaughtered Uruk and their friends in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, one developer was setting them up on dates. .... | Interview | PC


5 Puzzle Games to Play Before ‘The Witness’

192 days 17 hours ago - Chances are The Witness won’t release until at least halfway through the year, which means you have plenty of time to hone your puzzle-solving skil... | Opinion piece | PC


Why Spelunky, Meat Boy, and other indie stars are photo-bombing each other’s games

202 days ago - GamesBeat: "Cameos are everywhere in indie games. So why are developers in one of the most creatively fertile spaces in video games lifting charact... | Interview | PC


How Adventure Classic Grim Fandango Holds Up 16 Years Later | The Mary Sue

217 days 21 hours ago - The Mary Sue writes, "So as someone who’s never played Grim before but generally likes adventure games (and Tim Schafer’s writing), I was excited t... | Review | PC


Even robots worry about their relationship statuses

236 days 21 hours ago - In the game Choice of Robots, your robot can be good, evil, or just good in bed. | Interview | PC


Review: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Raids Barren Old Tombs | The Mary Sue

260 days 15 hours ago - The Mary Sue writes, "While I’m more than happy to venture anew with Lara into tombs just begging to be explored, those four years apart [from Guar... | Review | PC


The top 10 games of Pitch Us in One Tweet 2014 (#1: Hot Tin Roof) | GamesBeat

305 days 15 hours ago - GamesBeat writes, "We posed the challenge, and indie developers stepped forward, taking to Twitter to sell us on their games in 140 characters or l... | Preview | PC


How 13 years changed the language and culture of Dragon Quest games

318 days 19 hours ago - GamesBeat writes, "Since Square Enix released Dragon Quest VII for 3DS in Japan last year, fans have been waiting not so patiently for the classic... | Interview | Wii U



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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