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"" Around the World - WiiWare Review

1783 days 6 hours ago - "What happens when a trivia game focuses solely on one question category, trying to make a whole experience out of it? Well, that's exactly what Wi... | Review | Wii

50° Monster Tale - New Screens

1784 days 3 hours ago - Majesco has just revealed six new screens for Monster Tale which just released last week. See these and older screens on our Media page. -- Wiilove... | Screenshot | Nintendo DS

Shh Mom!: Wii Speak Woes

1784 days 12 hours ago - "Just mentioning the Wii Speak device now conjures up thoughts of disappointment for me. To see such a promising peripheral (especially for the sta... | Opinion piece | Wii


Shh Mom!: Luck As a Recurring Conflict in Mario Kart Wii

1785 days 8 hours ago - "I’ve always been a big fan of Mario Kart Wii since it launched in North America. In fact, waiting for the game was one of the hardest pre-release... | Opinion piece | Wii


Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post Nintendogs + Cats - First Impressions

1785 days 10 hours ago - "I was happy I got to spend some time with Nintendogs + Cats at a 3DS Demo Station the other day. There was no indication as to which version of th... | Preview | 3DS Steel Diver - First Impressions

1786 days 1 hour ago - "In all honesty, I was totally surprised that Steel Diver was even there at the 3DS Demo Station I went to. I observed that it was more laid-back i... | Preview | 3DS

10° Face Raiders - First Impressions

1786 days 1 hour ago - "In playing Face Raiders for the first time at the 3DS Demo Station, I didn't exactly get the "fullest experience". I started in the middle of some... | Preview | 3DS LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (3DS) - First Impressions

1786 days 2 hours ago - "Right after trying out Asphalt 3D at the 3DS Demo Station, I moved to another unit which had a build of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars on it.... | Preview | 3DS

10° AR Games - First Impressions

1786 days 2 hours ago - "Although I would have much preferred to try this right off the bat, I was still happy that I got to try AR Games at all. This is one of the things... | Article | 3DS

10° Asphalt 3D - First Impressions

1786 days 2 hours ago - "In continuing with my early Nintendo 3DS impressions, I'll deliver my thoughts on the different games I tried in the order I played them in. Aspha... | Preview | 3DS Nintendo 3DS Hardware - First Impressions

1786 days 2 hours ago - "This past Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity of trying out the 3DS for the first time at a Demo Station here in Canada! You can just imagin... | Article | 3DS

10° Big Bass Arcade - Preview

1791 days 2 hours ago - "This week, Big John Games treated me to some exclusive direct footage of their upcoming DSiWare title, Big Bass Arcade. There aren't that many fis... | Preview | Nintendo DS Big Bass Arcade - Screens

1791 days 2 hours ago - Big John Games has released screens on their upcoming DSiWare fishing title, Big Bass Arcade, for the first time. Check them out! -- | Screenshot | Nintendo DS Bomberman Hero - First Impressions

1798 days 14 hours ago - "Today's Nintendo Download update here in North America saw the release of Bomberman Hero on the Virtual Console. It's quite exciting to see, actua... | Article | Wii

50° Just Dance 2 - DLC Analysis - American Boy

1799 days 18 hours ago - "It's time once again for us to take a look at one of the DLC songs from Just Dance 2! In our quest to determine which ones are worth your money, w... | Article | Wii

50° chick chick BOOM - WiiWare Review

1800 days 4 hours ago - "This game definitely deserves to rank up there with games like Driift Mania for being so very entertaining and well-presented in its execution." -... | Review | Wii


What If... DanceDanceRevolution Wii Returned to Using Covers?

1800 days 17 hours ago - "Unlike the games that came before it, DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 3 was the first game in this franchise sub-series to feature master track... | Opinion piece | Wii

40° Fish'em All! Contest

1800 days 17 hours ago - "To thank fans for their continued support, Abylight will be distributing free copies of Fish'em All to anyone who completes a simple questionnaire... | News | Wii

40° DualPenSports - Screens

1800 days 17 hours ago - Check out the latest screens for DualPenSports, an upcoming 3DS title by NAMCO BANDAI! -- | Screenshot | 3DS Angler's Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D - Screens

1800 days 17 hours ago - Check out the latest screens for Angler's Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D, an upcoming fishing simulation title for the Nintendo 3DS. -- | Screenshot | 3DS


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