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Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: Nano Assault

1428 days 3 hours ago - "When a game is backed by a development studio like Shin'en, you know it's in very good hands. Published by Majesco, Nano Assault has players getti... | Article | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: Tetris 3DS

1428 days 3 hours ago - "Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to this new Tetris release more than I thought I would. After Tetris Party was so strong, I'm counting on T... | Article | 3DS

Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights

1428 days 3 hours ago - "Say what you will about Professor... I mean, Doctor Lautrec's similarities to Monsieur Layton, but I'm still very very intrigued by this title. Th... | Article | 3DS

Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: Face Kart: Photo Finish

1428 days 3 hours ago - "Face Kart: Photo Finish is Renegade Kid's first 3DS-focused project for this year's event, with the second being Mutant Mudds. Since little is kno... | Article | 3DS


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: Sonic Generations

1428 days 3 hours ago - "While some are resenting the fact that Sonic Generations is no longer a 360/PS3-exclusive (seriously people?), many 3DS owners have expressed lots... | Article | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: The Hidden

1428 days 3 hours ago - "What's most interesting about The Hidden is not the feature list, but the lack of screenshots. With very little to go on, I can't deny that I'm a... | Article | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: Raving Rabbids

1428 days 3 hours ago - "I think if you asked most people who have been following the Rabbids IP what direction Ubisoft should take the series in next, they would probably... | Article | Wii


Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: Centipede Infestation

1428 days 4 hours ago - "It seems like a lot of people are very sensitive when it comes to reviving old arcade favourites. If it's not approached in the way that fits thei... | Article | Wii


Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: Deca Sports Extreme

1428 days 4 hours ago - "Ever since Hudson Entertainment disbanded, it's a bit hard for me to reflect on Deca Sports Extreme. Critics have long frowned upon the previous r... | Article | 3DS

Wiiloveit.com: E3 2011 - Pre-Show Hype: Need for Speed: The Run

1428 days 5 hours ago - "Are we supposed to be excited for a new Need for Speed title on the Wii? Not when the previous efforts have proven to be effortless ports. I have... | Article | Wii


Nintendo Prepares for the June 13th Launch of Wii Play: Motion

1429 days 16 hours ago - "With the June 13 launch of Wii Play: Motion, Wii owners will be twisting, turning and enjoying themselves like never before, whether they're newco... | News | Wii


Wiiloveit.com: Special Interview - tons of bits

1430 days 5 hours ago - "Welcome one and all to the second episode of the Wiiloveit Lounge where your favourite developers sit down with us and answer questions in a more... | Interview | Wii


Frogger Leaps Back in a New Dimension

1430 days 14 hours ago - "Just in time to mark the 30th anniversary of the original arcade release, the enduring classic Frogger is back criss-crossing busy streets, dodgin... | News | 3DS


Ubongo for WiiWare in USA and Nintendo DSiWare in Europe

1430 days 22 hours ago - "Korner Entertainment S.L. proudly announces the release of ‘Ubongo’ for the WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare services. This game will be available in... | News | Nintendo DS


Strategy Analytics at E3: US Digital Game Revenues Will Exceed Discs For First Time in 2012

1430 days 22 hours ago - "As E3, the world’s biggest video games event, prepares to open its doors in Los Angeles, CA, new forecasts published by Strategy Analytics’ Digita... | News | Industry


POWER A Announces Performance Audio Accessories for Nintendo 3DS

1431 days 3 hours ago - "POWER A today announced new audio-enhancing products for Nintendo 3DS™ owners. The officially licensed compact POWER A Stereo & Chat Headset will... | News | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded - DS Review

1431 days 3 hours ago - "How does this cell phone game hold up on the Nintendo DS? Very well, in fact. While not as good as the title that was built for the ground up for... | Review | Nintendo DS


Intrinsic Games Announces 'Amoebattle' for DSiWare

1431 days 22 hours ago - "Intrinsic Games today announced Amoebattle, a brand new IP from the indie developers behind Divergent Shift that raises the bar for DSiWare titles... | News | Nintendo DS

Wiiloveit.com: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days - DS Review

1432 days 4 hours ago - "Kingdom Hearts is a series that does not release its titles chronologically. While the original Kingdom Hearts was the first title in the series,... | Review | Nintendo DS


Nintendo 3DS Fans Nationwide to Unite for StreetPass Day on June 25th

1432 days 13 hours ago - "Ever since the launch of the Nintendo 3DS™ system, users around the U.S. increasingly have been seeking each other out to plan in-person meetups a... | News | 3DS


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