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Hybris to explore themes of causality and empowerment amidst "really grim" atmosphere

839 days 19 hours ago - "To accommodate adjustments in the team's creative timeline, Hybris won't be coming out until 2014. But fear not. (At least, not yet.) Game designe... | News | PC


Lumberwhack creator on action-defense games: "Many appear too complicated for casual players"

840 days 12 hours ago - "Speaking to BeefJack on his latest creation as a one-man studio, Clas Wineus addressed how a combination of genre-respective elements make Lumberw... | News | iPhone


Hardscore Games dismisses mobile trends with TCG-like Star Admiral

840 days 14 hours ago - Consider Star Admiral like a 3D trading card game involving high-tech spacecrafts...just minus the cards. We had Guy Atkinson of Hardscore Games te... | News | iPhone


Aerospace engineers explore the future of space exploration in sandbox title Hadron's Forge

840 days 17 hours ago - "Previously associated with an entirely different industry, the two members of Arcane Logic have access to a world and background that should help... | News | PC


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Pennypop defines audience and influences for MMO-style mobile offering

840 days 18 hours ago - "Tomorrow marks Battle Camp's arrival on iOS devices, but according to what Pennypop told BeefJack, this is merely the beginning for what the team... | News | PC


Jujubee avoiding "compromises" with Flashout 3D sequel, open to Ouya and Leap Motion support

841 days 9 hours ago - "With Jujubee confirming work on a sequel to futuristic racer Flashout 3D, studio CEO Michal Stepien shared some enlightening facts with BeefJack o... | News | PC


Simogo teases "downplayed" interaction, text as level design in Device 6

841 days 10 hours ago - "Seeking clues on Device 6's mysterious underpinnings, BeefJack briefly communicated with Simon Flesser of Simogo to better ascertain the team's vi... | News | iPhone


Monkey Pirates "in the spirit of a Nintendo game," exclusive mode planned for Wii U version

844 days 11 hours ago - "Does Monkey Pirates have what it takes to become the next big competitive party game? Henchmen Studio spoke to BeefJack on the game's roots, and t... | News | PC


Bumpkin Brothers shares accident and inspirations that led to When Ian Fell In The Machine

844 days 11 hours ago - "For the team at Bumpkin Brothers, an accident as seen as an opportunity. Richard Bawden explained to BeefJack today how a coding bug paved the way... | News | iPhone


Unfinished Business in Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale

844 days 16 hours ago - "Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale is a game that will resonate with old and young alike, with its embodied qualities being pure, not for... | Article | Culture


SOS Children's Villages "the right partner" for Baby Nom Nom partnership

844 days 16 hours ago - "Playrise Digital's Nick Burcombe talks to BeefJack about the charity partnership surrounding the team's latest release, Baby Nom Nom. After lookin... | News | iPhone


Blitz Games talks partnership and tech behind Dreamworks' Shrek Alarm, more expansions to come

844 days 19 hours ago - "Mark Hardisty of Blitz Games tells BeefJack that interactive, multi-functional application Dreamworks' Shrek Alarm is only the beginning. Future c... | News | iPhone


Nintendo commences distribution of 980 Luigi pins to New Super Luigi U Sweepstakes winners

844 days 20 hours ago - "1.4″-tall Year of Luigi pins are now being distributed to 980, randomly-selected winners from the New Super Luigi U Sweepstakes held on Club Ninte... | News | Wii U


TNT Racers devs talk "complicated" WiiWare development, confirm DLC for Nitro Machines Edition

845 days 16 hours ago - "Producer at keen games, Thorsten Röpke, shed some light on the studio's experience with the WiiWare version of TNT Racers, and all that they have... | News | Wii


Candygun Games co-founder: Solo project began as Kinect prototype, iOS submission "a breeze"

845 days 22 hours ago - "After desiring to do a game completely on his own, Andreas Hackel of Candygun Games released his first solo project, Tilt, on the App Store this w... | News | PC


Megabyte Punch described as "genre mixtape" by dev team, similar fighters "virtually unrepresented"

845 days 22 hours ago - "'Choose your character!' Quite literally that is what's taking place in Megabyte Punch. Tim Remmers of Reptile Games spoke to BeefJack on the game... | News | PC


Skydive: Proximity Flight devs consider Kinect version "a big step forward"

846 days 13 hours ago - "Skydive: Proximity Flight is an ambitious endeavour with great potential, if for no other reason than its promise to simulate full-body movement w... | News | Xbox 360


"Animals rule the world" in Secrets of Rætikon; Broken Rules seeks "more control"

846 days 15 hours ago - "Secrets of Rætikon feeds off exploration to direct its core theme of flight; a world where interactions will take place between the player and the... | News | PC


Leap Motion considered "great device for educational purposes" by Flow Studio

847 days 15 hours ago - "Co-Founder of Flow Studio, Petr Fodor, spoke with BeefJack about the potential existing with the Leap Motion to blossom new ideas in the realm of... | News | PC


Sole person behind Meridian: New World talks intelligent opponents, dialogue and meaty campaign

847 days 18 hours ago - "In what could be the dawn of a new standard in excellence for real-time strategy, Meridian: New World swears by delivery of a meaty single-player... | News | PC


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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