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Wiiloveit.com: VVVVVV - 3DS Review

1355 days 6 hours ago - "Acquiring a look that carries common characteristics seen in many indie games, VVVVVV has achieved much popularity since its PC release. Just rece... | Review | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: Gaia's Moon - DSiWare Review

1355 days 6 hours ago - "Every now and then, an argument throughout the games industry will recur; the difference in value between a game on an iOS device and a game on a... | Review | Nintendo DS


Wiiloveit.com: Brunswick Pro Bowling - 3DS Review

1358 days 10 hours ago - "One of the main appeals of the Wii among more casual gamers -- or even people that would never have considered touching a video game -- was undoub... | Review | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: 101 Pinball World - DSiWare Review

1359 days 23 hours ago - "Because of my recent exposure to Zen Pinball 3D on the 3DS, I naturally didn't expect Selectsoft's latest title, 101 Pinball World, would hold a c... | Review | Nintendo DS


Check What Wii U and 3DS Titles are Coming Out in October

Now - Nintendo has a handful of interesting titles on offer across Wii U and 3DS systems for the orange-tinged month of October. Here's some hot picks th... | Promoted post

Wiiloveit.com: Flipper 2: A Different Type of Sequel

1360 days 20 hours ago - "In the early months of 2010, the DSiWare service was graced with the unique title Flipper. Costing 500 Points, Goodbye Galaxy Games' debut on the... | Article | Nintendo DS


Wiiloveit.com: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - Wii Review

1361 days 15 hours ago - "In 2008, SEGA and Nintendo partnered to release Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, a novel idea that pit old rivals against or with each other. B... | Review | Wii


Wiiloveit.com: Zen Pinball 3D - 3DS Review

1362 days 3 hours ago - "Pinball has been increasingly popular lately, having seen many video game adaptations. While I certainly don't object to developers taking pre-exi... | Review | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: Fortune Street - Wii Review

1363 days 15 hours ago - "Less about partying and more of a serious venture, Fortune Street is a welcome new title. Perhaps the most interesting part about it is just how m... | Review | Wii


Wiiloveit.com: Aliens: Infestation - DS Review

1363 days 18 hours ago - "Developer WayForward has created numerous fantastic experiences on the DS, with one of their most notable efforts being Contra 4. Now, towards the... | Review | Nintendo DS


Wiiloveit.com: Zen Pinball 3D - Preview

1363 days 23 hours ago - "With development team Zen Studios at the helm, Zen Pinball 3D is a great fit for the eShop, much better than any package that could have been desi... | Preview | 3DS


Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D Heads to Nintendo 3DS This February (North America)

1364 days 3 hours ago - "Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. today announced METAL GEAR SOLID SNAKE EATER 3D Nintendo 3DS™ will be released on February 21, 2012. METAL GEAR... | News | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure - 3DS Review

1364 days 18 hours ago - "When I originally heard Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure would be coming to 3DS as well as the consoles, I started to fear. Activision has such a gre... | Review | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure - Wii Review

1364 days 21 hours ago - "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is an interesting game for several reasons. The first is that, while using the Spyro IP that Activision obtained fro... | Review | Wii


Wiiloveit.com: Max & the Magic Marker - DS Review

1368 days 16 hours ago - "Max & the Magic Marker has appeared on a bunch of different platforms as it is, but interestingly, the developers never made the move to Nintendo'... | Review | Nintendo DS


Wiiloveit.com: Zoo Resort 3D - 3DS Review

1370 days 3 hours ago - "From the developers of Harvest Moon and the recent Cubic Ninja comes Zoo Resort 3D, a game that explores the capabilities of the 3DS through good... | Review | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com Presents: Best of Nintendo Awards 2011

1372 days 19 hours ago - "The time has arrived for us to unveil our Best of Nintendo Awards for 2011! A lot sure has happened this past year in the world of gaming -- a cou... | Article | Nintendo DS


Wiiloveit.com: Avoiding a Repeat With Wii U

1376 days 8 hours ago - "The importance of the Wii U fitting in with Nintendo's core values is something I touched on in yesterday's feature. Stemming from that discussion... | Article | Wii


Wiiloveit.com: Will the Wii Fade Away?

1377 days 10 hours ago - "As we wrap up 2011, I can't help but give thought to the many exciting things happening in the Nintendo gaming space next year. The most notable o... | Article | Wii


Wiiloveit.com: Mario Kart 7 - 3DS Review

1377 days 17 hours ago - "For some reason, my initial response towards Mario Kart 7 was a bit neutral when it was announced. It's not often that my gut feeling leads me ast... | Review | 3DS


Wiiloveit.com: Cars 2: The Video Game - 3DS Review

1377 days 18 hours ago - "In a way, I was interested in trying Cars 2: The Video Game for the 3DS. Since there was more than a four-month gap between this and the DS releas... | Review | 3DS


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