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Coffin Dodgers hosts fast-paced death race where walking sticks become survival instruments

235 days 11 hours ago - "Coffin Dodgers is an open-world racing game that promises to "turn retirement on its head" with a cast of mischief-loving seniors. Add one siniste... | News | iPhone


Gameloft lauds Ouya as a "new innovation" following release of system's first MMO

238 days 13 hours ago - "Approaching the one-month anniversary of Order & Chaos Online's arrival on the Ouya, Gameloft offered bite-sized tidbits on their view of the cons... | News | iPhone


High Flyer Death Defyer designed as a console experience, dev team says “Ouya needs a killer app”

239 days 8 hours ago - "As great as it is that the thrill of "free falling at over 200mph" can now be had on the Ouya, what you may not know is the vision the creators of... | News | iPhone


EnjoyUp Games teases Super Off Road-inspired racer for Wii U eShop, online play possible

239 days 21 hours ago - "Having released numerous DSiWare and now 3DS eShop titles, EnjoyUp Games has been toying with a few prototypes for the Wii U eShop - the first bei... | News | Arcade


Start Making Games for the PS4

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Circle Entertainment discusses re-adapting World Conqueror 1945 for 3DS

239 days 22 hours ago - "The world is yours to dominate in World Conqueror 3D, Circle Entertainment's next release for the 3DS eShop. Originally developed for mobile platf... | News | Mobile


Morphopolis hands-on preview | BeefJack

240 days ago - "Morphopolis is a vivid point-and-click adventure game starring a cast of bugs, caterpillars, grasshoppers and bumblebees." | Preview | PC


Take On Mars project lead describes lonely atmosphere and lack of direct need for NASA input

240 days ago - "What could be lonely about a probe with an entire planet's terrain to scavenge? Apparently everything, based on what Martin Melicharek of Bohemia... | News | PC


"The car is the star" in Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver, online leaderboards confirmed

240 days 19 hours ago - "Coming this September, Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver will send players through bold tracks, performing stunts and photogenic feats as part of Tea... | News | PC


Captain Bubblenaut features conscientious audio contributions from Danny Baranowsky

241 days 16 hours ago - "Speaking to BeefJack on his newest project, Dean Tate wasn’t shy to point out the key role Danny Baranowsky played in strengthening the game’s atm... | News | iPhone


Press Play talks relationship with Microsoft and studio autonomy, "very excited" about Xbox One

241 days 22 hours ago - "In conjunction with the upcoming release of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for Xbox One and XBLA, Press Play spoke with BeefJack on the studio's in... | News | Xbox 360


Broken Rules swears off bringing Secrets of Rætikon to Wii U after Chasing Aurora dissatisfaction

241 days 23 hours ago - "Don't expect Secrets of Rætikon to join Chasing Aurora on the Wii U eShop, as Broken Rules has today revealed they will not be releasing it on the... | News | PC


Morphopolis challenges perception of hidden object games and builds "respect for the craft"

245 days 5 hours ago - "You may not fancy hidden object games in the slightest, but don't discount Morphopolis just yet. Micro Macro Games filled us in on the game's aspi... | News | PC


MouseCraft devs hope unusual business strategy becomes their "feather in the cap"

245 days 13 hours ago - "Crunching Koalas has invented a unique financial model for their upcoming puzzle game, MouseCraft. For one reason among others, they shared with B... | News | PC


Crazy Chicken: Director's Cut to feature "more complex" secrets and online leaderboards

245 days 14 hours ago - "Teyon shared details with BeefJack on the quietly-announced Crazy Chicken: Director's Cut, including new features prompted by a change in directio... | News | Nintendo DS


So Hungry designer talks Wii U plans and in-game survival themes

245 days 17 hours ago - "Homeless. Without money. And hungry. Oh so hungry. Byron Atkinson-Jones of Xiotex Studios describes for BeefJack how these and other related theme... | News | PC


Circle Entertainment explains meaning of "Wakedas," likens game to Rubik's Cube

245 days 19 hours ago - "Circle Entertainment's Chris Chau spoke to BeefJack about their new title for the 3DS eShop - specifically, its English translation, and why the g... | News | Casual games


Game & Wario's perplexing identity crisis

246 days ago - "Though featuring series staples, Game & Wario is no WarioWare – but you probably knew that already. Taken as its own entity, the collection is equ... | Article | Wii U


Rationale for bringing Squids to Nintendo platforms more creative than business

247 days 8 hours ago - "The Game Bakers revealed to us what prompted the voyage of their critically-acclaimed Squids property to Nintendo platforms. Turns out, bunking wi... | News | PC


Troll Inc experimenting with terrain manipulation and Wii U dual-screen relationship in Terramentals

247 days 8 hours ago - "Bound for PC, mobile platforms and Wii U, Terramentals combines familiar Chess- and Pokémon-like qualities with a bit of its own twists for a stra... | News | PC


Droidscape: Basilica devs explain experimental head-tracking technology and unused story ideas

247 days 20 hours ago - "BeefJack reached out to Kyttaro Games on the challenges of exploring head tracking as an experimental method of control, and the extensive work of... | News | iPhone


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