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Tappingo 2 Review | Nintendo Enthusiast

12 days 17 hours ago - "Tappingo 2 is a pleasantly simple puzzle game that just came out on the 3DS eShop. Much like Picross, the goal is to arrange coloured blocks accor... | Review | 3DS


Rogue Legacy (PSN) Review | Playstation Enthusiast

25 days 15 hours ago - "I had a hard time reviewing Rogue Legacy simply because typing this required me to stop playing it for a few seconds. The game is a constant cycle... | Review | PS3


Seamergency 2014 Speedrunning Charity Marathon This Weekend

41 days 4 hours ago - "Seamergency 2014 is a charity speedrun marathon that began on Thursday, August 7th and will finish on Monday, August 11th. It’s being streamed con... | News | Culture


The Top 25 Classic RPGs

598 days 2 hours ago - "In third grade, I broke both my wrists at the same time. This did not stop me from playing Super Mario RPG. Within an hour of breaking them." K... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

My Girlfriend is an Alpaca: A Visual Novel

608 days 23 hours ago - "My Girlfriend is an Alpaca suffers from the tired cliché of a boy falling in love with a girl who is really an alpaca." | News | PC


What Nintendo Should Add in Pokemon X, and Why

616 days 23 hours ago - Rant Gaming | Pokemon X and Y were just recently announced, and Kyle Charizanis has a list of five ways Nintendo can make them the best Pokemon gam... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Apex 2013 – Super Smash Bros./Fighting Game Tournament, Jan. 11-13

619 days 6 hours ago - Rant Gaming | "Apex 2013 is a huge fighting game tournament happening on January 11-13, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The main two games being play... | News | GameCube


Awesome Games Done Quick 2013 - Speedrun Marathon

621 days 11 hours ago - Rant Gaming | "Awesome Games Done Quick, the largest annual speedrunning event in the world, will be broadcast live this year from January 6th to 1... | News | Culture


3 Big Problems with Paper Mario: Sticker Star

622 days 19 hours ago - Rant Gaming | "Bottom line: Paper Mario: Sticker Star is shallow. But it’s not a bad game. No, the best word for it is disappointing." | Opinion piece | 3DS

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