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Gamers and Ownership: Buy A Game, Rule The Studio

672 days 10 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie talks about that oft-encountered phenomenon where a person pays for a videogame and then thinks they control the fr... | Opinion piece | Culture


Accepting Women Play Video Games: The Next Social Reform?

679 days 9 hours ago - From MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie: Women suffer segregation and ostracism from all fronts when it comes to videogames; not just from men, but fr... | Opinion piece | Culture


Cube World First Impressions: Beautiful Infinity

686 days 7 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie looks at Cube World - the voxel sandbox RPG has just opened for alpha purchase. With its stunning, colourful landsc... | Article | PC


Games and Morals: Do They Mix?

693 days 7 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer Welshpixie talks about Doug TenNapel's Armikrog being successfully funded on Kickstarter despite controversy about his homopho... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

E3 Run-Down: Giraffes, Bros and Creepy Old Men

707 days 4 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone - The best and worst of E3: Doritosgate, Jack Bauersnake, Mirror's Other Edge, Drivatar, Bros!, pre-rendered next-gen ultra-realistic... | Opinion piece | Tech


Next-Gen E3: Let's ride the hype train

714 days 8 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone: E3 2013's coming next weekend so here's a round-up of what you can expect. A bunch of companies have pulled out, so it'll be largely... | Opinion piece | PS4


MWEB Gamezone Review - Metro Last Light

728 days 8 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie reviews Metro Last Light. Post-Apocalypse. Russia. Guns. Mutants. Politics. FPS, horror, intrigue. Rusting cobwebbe... | Review | PC


Skyward Collapse: New Strategic God-Game

729 days 10 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone: Tiny indie game dev studio Arcen Games, known for their popular genre-stretching strategy and puzzle games AI War: Fleet Command and... | News | PC


MWEB Gamezone Review: Dead Island Riptide: a gore-splurging click-fest

746 days 9 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone Review: Dead Island Riptide is trying to be many things; FPS, Survival Horror, RPG, Action - which would be fine, if it could pull it... | Review | PC


Five Indie Devs Tackle Three Stupid Statements

749 days 10 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie rounded up five indie game dev friends and gave them three of the frequent sweeping silly statements that keep crop... | Opinion piece | Culture


Game Dev Tycoon - Overnight Pirate-Bashing Sensation from Greenheart Games

751 days 15 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie picked up Greenheart Games' Game Dev Tycoon in support of their quirky way of dealing with game piracy, but became... | Article | PC


Ludum Dare #26 - One Weekend, Lots of Coffee and 2,343 Games.

751 days 15 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone - The Ludum Dare Game Jam #26, themed Minimalism, had a record 2,343 entries. Now it's over, and while the worn-out devs are recoveri... | Article | Culture


Magnetic By Nature: An Attractive Puzzle Platformer

752 days 16 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone - Magnetic By Nature is a stylish puzzle platformer in development by Tripleslash Studios that uses Portal-style physics-based gamepl... | News | PC


Cartoonist Zapiro turns his political satire to gaming

756 days 10 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone - Y'know Zapiro, that political cartoonist who's probably the most-hated man in ANC's world? Well, he's making a mobile game. Or, mor... | Interview | Mobile


Free-to-Play: The Price of Free

763 days 9 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie analyses the Free to Play model as a financially viable model for small studios, but is the price really worth it? | Opinion piece | Culture


EA Teams with Crest for Brighter Teeth and Darker Souls

765 days 7 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie calls into question the merits of shelling out for toothpaste just to get the world's biggest ball of twine for you... | News | PC


When to call Racism in Video Games

765 days 8 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone - With Bioshock Infinite coming under fire not for its portrayal of racism, but rather accusations of it being an inherently racist g... | Opinion piece | Culture


My Ideal Game

765 days 9 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie covers what she'd like to see in her ideal videogame, the world, genre, quests, lore - all of it! | Opinion piece | Culture


A call to return to player-driven games

770 days 6 hours ago - MWEBGamezone writer WelshPixie talks about the freedom of players being taken away; how games are putting restrictions on how you play them - they'... | Opinion piece | PC


Windows 8 - If You Use It, You're Helping Microsoft Kill PC Gaming

777 days 10 hours ago - MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie discusses why buying into Windows 8 is helping Microsoft kill the PC Gaming industry for both developers and gamers. | Opinion piece | PC


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