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Let Us Prey: Surrender to Hell Review | AppGamer

6 hours ago - Fancy being impaled upon a razor sharp spear, with your blood spurting in an arterial fountain? Yeah, this game has that! | Review | iPhone


Top 10 Games of Christmas 2014

17 hours ago - Chris compiles a list of his top video game gifts for Christmas 2014. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Dungeon Defenders II Review | SuperCheats

8 days 5 hours ago - Dungeon Defenders 2 is the sequel of the highly acclaimed action-strategy title by Trendy Entertainment. It combines the essences of the popular to... | Review | PC


Top 10 Games that need a HD Remaster

8 days 9 hours ago - Sometimes games need to be remade. Sometimes they need to be remade multiple times. But, other times they just need a little tweaking. This is typi... | Opinion piece | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Top 10 Video Game Christmas Presents

9 days 8 hours ago - What video games make for the best Christmas presents? Alex gives a list of 10 games for 2014 that you should consider giving this holiday season. | Opinion piece | PC


Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores Top 10 Hints and Tips

15 days 7 hours ago - To help gamers improve in this game, Chris has put together a top 10 list of his best hints and tips. | Opinion piece | iPhone


Contract Killer Top 10 Gameplay Hints and Tips

15 days 7 hours ago - Contract Killer is an addictive and engaging shooter for the iOS platform that offers you the role of the assassin in bite-sized chunks. Chris from... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Fruit Ninja Review | AppGamer

15 days 7 hours ago - First of all, what can we say about Fruit Ninja that has not already been said? If you are not familiar with this mainstay game, it is an arcade st... | Review | iPhone


Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

15 days 7 hours ago - Developed by Glu Games - so you know it is good - Dino Hunters: Deadly Shores is a straight-forward hunting game with a twist - instead of hunting... | Review | iPhone


Contract Killer Review | AppGamer

15 days 7 hours ago - Glu Studios has a well-established rep as creator of fun and entertaining - if violent - video games. A well-deserved reputation as it happens, and... | Review | iPhone


Racing Penguin, Flying Free Review | AppGamer

15 days 7 hours ago - Chris from AppGamer writes, a few facts about Racing Penguin that should jump right out at you when you first start the game is that while it may a... | Review | iPhone


Crazy Taxi: City Rush Walkthrough

21 days 18 hours ago - Crazy Taxi: City Rush is a lane runner (or should that be lane driver) game, developed by Hardlight Studios, and is one of the more controversial f... | Article | iPhone


10 TV Shows that Should be Made into a Major Game

22 days 9 hours ago - More licenses need to open themselves up to become great games first and branded products second. Here are Daav's top 10 candidates. | Opinion piece | Culture


How to Get Better At Video Games

22 days 18 hours ago - Alex from SuperCheats, writes and article aimed at improving your general video gaming skills, which are in principle meant to be useful for most g... | Article | Culture


Plants vs Zombies 2 Review | AppGamer

23 days 5 hours ago - Plants vs Zombies 2 has been around for a long time now, so avid App Gamers have no doubt heard of the game (or it's predecessor). Read AppGamer's... | Review | iPhone


Pixel Gun 3D Review | AppGamer

23 days 9 hours ago - When your first impressions of a mobile app/game have you both scratching your head at the hutzpah of the wizards behind it while at the same time... | Review | iPhone


TwoDots Review | AppGamer

23 days 9 hours ago - TwoDots from PlayDots Inc. is a modern looking but simple puzzle game. It is a sequel to the extremely popular 'Dots' and has a similar look and fe... | Review | iPhone


8 Ball Pool Review | AppGamer

23 days 9 hours ago - Considering the fact that games of skill like pool have been around for hundreds of years it is not all that surprising to see them adapted to vide... | Review | iPhone


The Silent Age Review | AppGamer

23 days 9 hours ago - While it is a rare event, every now and then a game will sneak up on you and deliver a level and measure of entertainment and fun you are not expec... | Review | iPhone


Farm Heroes Saga Review | AppGamer

23 days 9 hours ago - Funny thing about the world of mobile app/games - just when you think you have seen all that there is to see for a particular genre, the wizards wh... | Review | iPhone


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